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Rover doodles
This page was last updated on October 2, 2001.
Well, it's not Van Gogh, but I guess it'll do.  This is my page of Rover-related art.  If you want some of your art added, E-mail me.  A few rules, though.  Nothing erotic or pornographic will be allowed.  Also, if it contains violence, let's keep it within the PG-13 limit. (Artwork by other artists is located at the bottom of this page.)

Enough of my blather, on to the art!

Art by me

RallyOrig - My first attempt at drawing.  Here is Rally, my first character.  Looks like someone said something he didn't like...  or maybe just something incredibly stupid. [Rally is (C) Me.]

RallyCo - A colorized version of the pic above.  I added teeth and a mid-chest line for more realism. [Rally is (C) Me.]

Sniper - A pic of Rally and Stephanie's son, Sniper, second-in-command of the X-Rovers.  Hmm...  I wonder who he's about to kill. [Sniper is (C) Me.]

Blazer - Here is Hunter and Colleen's son, Blazer, who is the leader of the X-Rovers.  He is wearing his father's trademark happy-go-lucky smile. [Blazer is (C) Me.]

Pyro - This is a pic I promised to do for my best friend and fellow author, Alex Carter.  She said to put her character in a "comic" situation.  This is what my twisted mind came up with.  She was very pleased with how it came out.  The scary thing is that this pic is very true about Toby. [Toby is (C) Alex Carter.  Pic is (C) Me.]

First Encounter - As my buddy DJ said when commenting on this, "DJ's hacked and Rally's hurtin'."  This is a scene from my first story entitled "Brothers: Reunited At Last" that I started back in December 2000 and just got done with. (The pic, not the story.) The almost 7 months of work really payed off. [Rally is (C) Me.  DJ is (C) Jake Williams.  Pic is (C) Me.]
(A "framed" version of this pic can be viewed here.)

Tribute to 9-11-01 - Tribute picture I drew in honor of those who died on September 11th.  [Rally is (C) Me.]

Art by others

Dylan (Dylan Rinald)

Striker (Gerhard Naudé)