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The Art of Dylan Rinald

Let's see if you can guess what this page is about.  :P  Anyway, here you will find some of Dylan's art that he has been kind enough to let me post.

Pic600 (Easy-view) - This is Dylan's awesome 600th pic.  How someone can draw that many is beyond me, but he did, and it's very good. Keep up the good work, Dyl!  In this pic are the first renditions of Rally and Toby done by someone other than me.  All characters are copyrighted to their respective creators.
Stood Up - Poor Dylan. :( He was supposed to go to an RR banquet of sorts with someone else...but that person never showed. :( Makes you wanna go comfort him...  [Dylan is (C) Dylan Rinald]

Maybe She Won't Notice... - I drew this as part of an art trade with Alex Martinez. *snicker* Apparently Blitz went cheap this time on flowers. You think Huntress will notice this? ;)  [Blitz is (C) WB Animation, Huntress is (C) Greywolf Lupous]

Isn't He Cute? - Awwwwwwwww!!! ;) Don't you just wanna snuggle little Dylie? Of course you do! :D  [Dylan is (C) Dylan Rinald]

Ain't Takin' No Crap! - Heck yeah DJ's ticked.  Who's he gonna go after?  Oh, I think he knows best. ;)  [DJ is (C) Jake Williams]

Patriotic Canines - Isn't it nice how the Rovers love their countries? No Blitz, COUNTRIES, not yourself! .....Oh whatever. Exile, you deal with him. ;)  [Hunter, Colleen, Exile, and Blitz are (C) WB Animation]