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Rally's Rover Den
The Road Rovers
Hello, and welcome to my Road Rover site.

This site was last updated on October 2, 2001
Site re-opened!!!  Thanks to everyone who was so patient in the almost month of being closed.  I recieved several e-mails from people wanting to know when the site would be back up.  Well, it's back everyone.  Everything that used to be up is once again accessible, along with all of the below updates:
1. First off, I added a new picture in the "Fan Art" section that I did last month.
2. I added a new author to the "Fan-fics" section, along with his 26-chapter fan-fic.
3. I got a new message board since the last four I had didn't work right.
4. The new guestbook is up and running below, and already has had some people sign it.
5. Both the flash and text link menus have been added and are working.
6. I updated the "Contact" page with new ways of contacting me.
7. I added one new name to the "Thanks" page.
8. I added the link for the "Visitor 1,000" below the counter.
9. The poll in the "Road Rovers" section is still working, so continue voting for your favorite Rover character!

Well, I guess that's it for now.  CYAZ!!!

Calling all artists and authors!  I am in need of Road Rover fan art and fan stories!  If you have any, please send them to me!

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