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"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Okay, I finally found a server that holds all of the video files, so they are now available for direct viewing.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it works properly.  If there are any problems, please let me know.  Of course, through the links, you can only view the file.  If you want a copy for your hard drive, you still have to contact me via ICQ due to the way the new server hosting the files works.
My ICQ # is 116829281

1. Bearhug.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Exile's trademark move.  That would kill a normal person.

2. Blitz_bit_me.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Pretty simple.  Blitz bites Exile and Hunter punishes him.

3. Choice.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
This is proof that Hunter is a true blond.

4. Does_this_hurt.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Is poking someone and asking if it hurts a normal medical procedure?

5. Drive.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Colleen's turn to drive...  It would be an understatement to say that Hunter's a little worried.

6. Guard.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Not too hard to get information out of Weird Boy...  I mean Blitz.

7. Hairball.avi (Requires Windows Media Player)
I always knew Shag could hide tons of things in his fur, but that's a little much, don't you think?

8. Hillary.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Our former president, Bill Clinton, at his best...  er, worst...  uh...  well, you know what I mean.

9. Hotdog.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Something to remember about America: We never call anything what it really is.

10. Insubordination.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Colleen is clearly trying to hit on Hunter.  Unfortunately, Hunter doesn't seem to catch on.

11. No_tanks.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Oh, isn't that intelligent?  Well, with Blitz's accent, it would be hard not to get confused.

12. Persia.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
More accent trouble, but it seems as though Hunter is the only one who can't understand her.

13. Poker.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Careful, Blitz, your ego is showing.

14. Russian.ram (Requires RealPlayer 7 or better)
The uncut Russian Name Song that was taken out of the show after some parents complained to WB.

15. Your_launcher.mpeg (Requires Windows Media Player)
Yet another promlem with accents.  This time it's Shag who can't quite understand Colleen.