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Secrets of Pro Wrestling
Brought to you by Scott "Space Ace" Oliverson

OK, this page includes information sent to me by Scott Oliverson.  It's based on a show from the '90s entitled "The Secrets of Pro Wrestling", but with a twist.  Instead of actual wrestlers, Scott has the moves played out by RR characters, as well as other characters (Which he calls the UN-NATO Rovers).  Well, he spent a lot of time on this, so I figured the least I could do is post it on my site, which is what he asked if I could do.  So, without further ado, here are the UN-NATO Rovers performing the "Secrets of Pro Wrestling" for your enjoyment.

But first, the "actors":
Hunter (C) WB as All American Boy (Who didn't see that coming?)
Colleen (C) WB as Brute Force
Exile (C) WB as Colossus
Blitz (C) WB as Slither
Alethia (C) Kylen Miles as Ben Hurt
Rita (C) Disney Animation as Private Pain
Thunderbolt (C) Disney Animation as Skull Duggery
Kato (C) Scott Oliverson as Brash Knuckles

And now on with the show...  well, the exposed moves, anyway.

A bodyslam is where you are lifted into the air and slammed back to the mat. This maneuver does not hurt much but looks can be deceiving or nothing can be better than the truth. Thunderbolt and Blitz work together in pulling off this move. Blitz throws T-Bolt into the ropes and as the German shepherd canosapien bounces back the Doberman canosapien grabs him, lifts him over his head supporting Thunder's head & neck in the crook of one arm while holding onto his rear end or legs with his other arm. At the same time Thunderbolt pushes off Blitz's knee or thigh to launch himself into the air. Blitz is not trying to hurt his opponent, actually help him by not slamming Thunder until his head is tucked safely into his chin thus avoiding hitting his head or neck on the mat and getting injured. Instead T-Bolt lands on his back and shoulders, bouncing back up upon impact with the mat.

In this move a wrestler lifts his opponent up into the air above his head with his opponent's feet pointing straight up. Then they both fall backwards to the canvas simultaneously. Kato hoists Rita into the air while supporting her neck with her arm. Just as they come crashing back down Rita uses Kato's own arm to cushion her hard landing as Kato releases the hold. In the end Rita sells the move by pretending to be in pain, rolling about, grabbing backside of her head.

This is a devastating move used to finish off an opponent quickly! Hunter puts Exile's head between his legs and hooks his arms around the husky's belly. He then pulls at the same time that Exile jumps up. Hunter either falls back onto his butt or jumps to his knees. If he just falls down, he will squeeze his legs together to support Exile's head. If he jumps to his knees, Exile will be released so he isn't stuck on his head. In reality Exile's shoulders, not his head take the impact of the blow and he then pushes up after impact when Hunter lets go of his head and sells the painless finisher.

Dropkicks are where one canosapien jumps up and kicks both feet into the chest of another canosapien knocking him/her flat. In this routine Colleen has whipped Alethia into the ropes and as she comes back out the karate mistress leaps high and strikes out with both feet taking the helpless canosapien flat on her backside. Another version is the SUPERKICK where you lash out with one foot behind your back to connect with your opponent's chest causing him to flip backwards onto the mat.

A high-risk maneuver in wrestling. Thunderbolt rushes Blitz, jumps up and locks both legs around his head. Then he twists in midair to throw himself into a tuck & roll maneuver while Blitz flips himself forwards through the air to land safely on his backside while tucking in his neck & chin to avoid injury.

Rita puts Kato in a front headlock position (Head under one of her arms with Kato's shoulder in her chest) At the same time, Rita falls back and Kato begins a flip to land on her back. While the Dalmatian canosapien is flipping, Rita must roll her arm that is applying the headlock so that the hand moves from her hip parallel to her body to her chest perpendicular to the body. Both Rovers will land safely on their backs with no one hurt.

Exile hoists Hunter into the air so he's upside down, held in front of him. Then the Russian husky comes down to land on one knee with the other leg bent in front of him so it appears like Hunter hit his shoulder on Exile's knee. But instead of hurting Hunter's shoulder in the process Exile holds tightly to his blood-brother ally as Hunter hangs on also. When the retriever hits the husky's knee he pushes up with his hands as Exile releases the hold. Hunter now falls to the canvas and pretends to be in agony from the blow.

Alethia simply places one hand on each side of Colleen's neck. Colleen then puts her hands on the forearms of Alethia and holds on while the spitz lifts. Basically the collie is supporting herself and Alethia just lifts and drops Colleen on her backside while avoiding hitting her neck since Colleen remembers to tuck in her chin.

This variation of the bodyslam is different because instead of picking up your opponent as he bounces off the ropes and slam him back into the mat you drape him over your shoulder then rush across the ring and jump into the air as you drive your opponent flat on his back! In this move Blitz and Exile demostrate...The Russian husky sets up the German Doberman by lifting him up and onto his shoulder while holding tightly onto him with one arm. Blitz probably hangs on at the same time and braces or prepares himself for the impact of the hard landing. Exile runs across the ring, leaps into the air and comes down atop Blitz who lands flat on his backside while keeping his head tucked into his chin to avoid injury. However Exile does not drop hard on Blitz but instead lands on his knees and leans forward as Blitz releases the hold and sells the painful move. This is a finishing move!

Another finishing move which follows a pinfall. Hunter and Thunderbolt work together in pulling off this illusion. T-Bolt puts Hunter's head between his legs and locks his hands underneath his body. Hunter pushes against Thunderbolt's thighs and jumps under and flips up at the same time T-Bolt pulls up. Once Hunter is fully rotated in the air, the K9 police dog pulls him down to land on his back, with his chin tucked in so his head will not hit the mat.

A wild finisher or high-risk maneuver. Colleen is about to be whipped across the ring into the far turnbuckle by Rita but reverses the move and sends the French Secret Service afghan canosapien crashing into the buckles. Then she charges her enemy only to have Rita skip or step aside and the British karate collie canosapien hits the turnbuckles head-on and crumples backwards onto the mat. Rita climbs atop the 3rd turnbuckle and readies herself to drop down onto her enemy when Colleen springs back up and slams a bolo punch to her groin. Gasping in shock and pain Rita doubles over as Colleen climbs up onto the buckles and it appears like she's going to slam more blows into Rita, pinning her against the corner. But instead she leaps aiming for Rita's shoulders, her legs land on her shoulders. Rita grips tight on the legs of Colleen so when she flips underneath her body, she won't land on her head. Next the collie flips backwards, tucking her head in so it won't contact the buckles when she lands on hands & knees, at the same time the afghan hound flips herself through the air and releases her grip on Colleen's legs to land safely on her backside.

This move is used inside or outside the ring to knockdown your opponent and put him down for the 3-Count. Kato and Alethia are battling each other in the ring when suddenly the Chinese Dalmatian tosses the Japanese spitz through the ropes and onto the floor using the Flying HeadScissors move. Alethia hits the mats outside the ring, dazed & stunned while Kato mounts the top turnbuckle and waits for her enemy to turn around. When she does, Kato throws herself into the air directly at Alethia! Simultaneously Alethia reaches out with both arms to catch or cushion Kato's landing so she won't hurt herself on the floor.

Almost like accidentally walking or running into a clothesline and getting hurt or worse! Hunter throws Thunderbolt into the ropes and as the K9 German shepherd comes back out he times it perfectly so he jumps with his feet forward in a falling position just before the retriever crossbreed hits him with his forearm. T-Bolt remembers to pull his chin down to protect his neck from injury and falls backwards onto the mat.

(14) PUNCH and KICK
Two basic moves in wrestling, punching & kicking. However the blows landed are not real but fake-pulled so it appears as if the Rovers are really beating the piss out of each other. With the punch, to avoid hitting an opponent in the face with a closed fist that would result in broken wrist or knuckles, broken jaw or nose, etc...the wrestlers use the open fist which does not pack much power than a closed fist. And unlike in movies or TV shows where the stuntmen swing and miss at each other using sound effects to create the blows being landed the wrestlers make light contacts on each other's heads & bodies. Simultaneously the wrestlers sell the move by jerking or flinching from the fake impacts. In the kick, the Rovers use only the flat-part of the boots and not the heel or toe-part. They too make light contacts with their feet. Plus you notice a lot of stomping going on inside the the canosapiens are not doing the Texas 2-Step, instead they create an illusion or sound effect by making the kicking & punching sounds with their feet.

This move is to flip or toss your enemy over your back and send him crashing back onto the mat again. Blitz has pounded Exile several good shots and now tosses him into the ropes. As the husky comes back out the Doberman drops his head as Exile places both hands on Blitz's shoulders. Then Blitz straightens upwards and lifts Exile into the air as Exile pushes off Blitz's shoulders and launches himself into the air! Then before landing Exile spreads his arms out to either side, creating much space possible to land safely on his backside without hitting his head or neck.

Thunderbolt is about to be slammed or backflipped by Hunter but the German shepherd reverses the maneuver and lands on his feet. As Hunter whirls around he gets socked in the groin and doubles in pain. T-Bolt then grabs him around the neck, runs across the ring and jumping into the air comes down to drive his opponent's head into the canvas. However the SECRET is Thunderbolt lands on his buttocks while still holding onto Hunter's neck as the retriever lands on his elbows to support the landing. T-Bolt releases the hold and Hunter sells the move by grabbing his head and screaming in pain!

Rita tosses Colleen across the ring, she bounces off the ropes and comes back in as Rita hip-tosses Colleen over her shoulder and onto the mat. Next she sends a message by kicking the collie in the shoulder saying "Tuck in the arm so it will not get broken" Next she rebounds off the ropes, jumps into the air and comes down onto her opponent. It looks like she took a big squash out of the collie! Instead Rita lands on her hands & knees while Colleen lifts her head up at the last second to absorb some of the blow.

Another finisher move! Kato is lifted into the air by Alethia and dropped hard onto her extended knee, the illusion appears to be the Dalmatian hurting her back on the spitz's leg. But what really happens is Kato and Alethia are holding onto each other at the same time with the spitz having to support both their weight! When she comes down with the BackBreaker Kato extends her legs so her feet, not her back takes the blow. Then the Dalmatian drops to the canvas, pretending to cry out in agony from a sprained back but in reality it is the spitz who is out of breath, sagged to her knees, arms limply at her sides.

This is a devastating move! It's where wrestlers bang or smack heads together causing one or the other to cringe in pain, grab head and stagger about like being drunk. Unfortunately this would cause instant concussion if canosapiens did whack heads but they don't! So what's the secret??? With her hand on Kato's head, Rita drives her own head into her thumb then pulling back sharply at the last second while releasing the hold so it appears like the afghan hound bonked the Dalmatian's noggin a good whacking!

One finishing maneuver perfected by Hulk Hogan when he was the World Heavyweight Champion in the WWF! Blitz already knocks down Exile with a boot to the face and then rebounds off the ropes, jumps upwards and comes down with one leg across his opponent's chest, driving the wind out of his sails. But that does not happen in reality...Instead Blitz jumps up and when he comes down he forms an arch with his extended leg leaving enough breathing space for Exile and avoids hitting the husky in the throat. After that he goes for the quick 3-Count.

Randy Macho Man Savage was a master of this high-risk maneuver where he jumps off the top turnbuckle and comes down with his elbow striking his opponent's chest, knocking him cold. We see Hunter poised on the top turnbuckle, ready to jump off and nail Thunderbolt who lies motionless at his feet. As the referee orders him off the buckles before the 5-Count the retriever crossbreed vaults himself through the air, turning in midair to land sideways with his elbow extended but he doesn't hit with the hard point part of the forearm, instead he makes sure to contact with either the lower or upper part of his arm and careful to make light contact with T-Bolt's body. After the impact the German shepherd K9 sells the move by gasping in pain and rolling about.

This painful eye-gouge can cause blindness instantly if any wrestler accidentally jabbed his fingers into his opponent's eyes! Colleen appears to poke Alethia in the face causing the spitz to yelp in pain and grab at her eyes but the secret is she only drags her finger across the face, missing the eyes completely without causing injury in the process. So it would look like a wrestler got jabbed in the face and screams "My eyes! I can't see!" but it is only an illusion.

Wrestlers attempt to subdue their helpless opponents by either dragging their faces across the ropes or choking them on the ropes while the referee yells for them to break or stop the hold. Exile appears to be dragging Blitz across the ropes making the Doberman howl in agony but the canosapien is protecting his face with his hand on the ropes and selling the fake painful move. Hunter is being choked on the top rope by Thunderbolt, he is gasping for air and trying to break free. But what really occurs is Hunter is holding tightly to the ropes, bouncing up and down while T-Bolt is choking him to protect his neck from being injured or worse!

This move looks painful to the fans where a wrestler lifts another into the air, then drops him across his extended knee and the opponent hops-jumps about while grabbing his crotch or groin. Kato holds Rita from behind, both arms locked around her middle while Rita holds tightly around Kato's neck & shoulders with one arm. Together they pull off this secret, Kato lifting up as Rita jumps up. Then the Dalmatian comes down with the afghan hound across her knee but instead it is Rita's legs that hit the mat and not her groin. Then she releases her grip on Kato as she lets go of her and Rita sells the so-called painful move by jumping about and grimacing from the shock of the blow.

Hunter has Blitz on his back, ready to make him surrender by crying "Uncle!". He takes one leg and steps inside and around, twisting that leg around his ankle. Then grabs hold of the other leg and falls back with that leg extended across the bent leg in the shape of the number "4" routine. It really does hurt! Blitz is screaming like crazy as he tries to break free from this situation he's in. There are 2 ways to break or escape the Figure-4 is turn over onto your hands & knees so now Blitz forces the pain & pressure on Hunter's legs making him cry out in agony! Or the other is to grab hold of the ropes and the referee calls for the hold to be broken, steps in and untangles the 2 canosapiens apart from each other.

Another finishing move to put someone into DreamLand. Thunderbolt grabs Exile from behind with one arm around his forehead, the other under his neck. Then he squeezes as hard as he can in his attempt to cut off the blood-flow of oxygen to the brain as Exile thrashes about, trying to escape from the hold. Soon the husky's eyes begin to cloud over, his arms go limp as the referee checks it 1-2-3 times before signaling for the bell to be rung. Upon winning the match the K9 police dog must now revive the sled-dog by rubbing vigorously up and down on the shoulders to start circulation flowing again and slap the face several times, hoping that will awake him. When Exile does come around, blinking his eyes and gasping for air he realizes the match is ended and he lost to T-Bolt!

A pinning finisher to end a quick match. Rita tosses Colleen into the ropes, then as she bounces back out the afghan ducks her head while the collie leaps up, grabbing onto the backside of Rita without her noticing anything until it's too late. Tuck & rolling onto her backside Colleen struggles to pull Rita off-balance and onto her shoulders for the pinfall. Rita can take the fall and attempt to kick-out before the 3-Count or throw a quick punch at Colleen's head to make her let go of her legs to escape the maneuver. Or alas Rita would wind up being pinned for 1-2-3 and Colleen is the winner!

A finisher to wear down an opponent. Alethia sizes Kato in a hug-manuver only she's not hugging her like they are friends, she is trying to make the Dalmatian canosapien surrender. Kato is gasping and yelling in pain, while trying to free herself from the hold. She could attempt to force her hands down between Alethia's grasp and try to pry apart the hands behind her back or throw some quick punches into the spitz's face, forcing her to break the hold.

Another pinning finisher! Exile is about to be slammed or piledrived by Thunderbolt but he reverses the hold, twists around with his arms around T-Bolt's shoulders. Then drops onto his knees and leans forwards, forming a SLIDE with his backside as Thunderbolt is forced down and backwards until his shoulders contact the mat and the referee starts the fatal 3-Count until the K9 canosapien either rolls away to left or right to break the hold or is unable to escape.

(30) SPEAR
This move is famous by Steve Goldberg where he charges his opponent across the ring, hits him squarely in the stomach, taking him off his feet and backwards onto his back! It is also a finishing move used by Rhino in ECW! Blitz ducks one of Hunter's attacks on him, probably a forearm smash, comes off the ropes and hurtles like a charging rhino into Hunter's midsection, catching him totally by surprise and driving the retriever off his feet and flat on his back. Hunter remembers to tuck in his chin to avoid hitting his neck on the canvas and Blitz attempts to not hurt his friend too much on landing.

One of Colleen's favorite martial arts techniques. Waiting until Rita has gotten back up after a pinfall attempt or another move the British collie canosapien sees her out of the corner of one eye and without warning thrusts backwards and outwards with her left or right leg to strike hard against the French afghan hound canosapien's chest. Yet both Rovers work together to pull off this illusion, Colleen using only light contact with her foot while Rita pulls the kick, by which I mean takes the impact of the kick with her hands, not her body and throws herself backwards onto the mat as if she did get kicked hard in the stomach!

And now an interview with the UN-NATO Rovers as they give us some more background information on Pro Wrestling for the New Millennium:

     The human body just isn't built to withstand the full force of bodyslams, clotheslines, piledrivers, suplexes, DDTs, kicks, punches and chair hits. That's why wrestlers are trained to land moves with minimal impact. For example, a chop to the chest is done with the flat part of the hand, not the side. The flat part gives the best sound "SMACK!", leaves a red welt-mark for the cameras, but does less damage than the bony, hard side of the hand. It stings, might even leave a bruise, but no one gets seriously hurt, the fans are into it and everyone's happy. If you look closely the next time I give Exile a piledriver, you'll see that my thighs cushion his head to keep it from hitting the canvas full-force. Of course, during the frenzy of a match even "Pulled Punches or Kicks" can add up, and sometimes wrestlers do execute moves full-force.

     Exactly comrade, this is why opponents are partners first, and opponents second. Good wrestlers look out for their opponents, helping them execute spectacular moves, leaning down to take a boot to the face, jumping up into a suplex or cushioning a nasty fall. Each wrestler must also master the NOT-SO-GENTLE art of falling or "Taking a Bump" The secret is to land as flat as possible on the back and rear, preferably with arms outstretched and head tucked into chin to avoid injury.

     Ja! Pro Wrestlers know that greater the area of the body that disperses the impact, the less damage will be done to any part of the body. When a wrestler is thrown or whipped into the ropes, his goal is to hit all 3 ropes simultaneously to reduce the risk of rope burns, strains or falling out onto the floor outside. Headlocks, leglocks and similar holds are generally applied in order to give one or both wrestlers a rest.

     Si, senior. A wrestler who smashes his opponent's head into a hard object, such as the table, ringpost, ringsteps, metal gate or guardrail surrounding the audience, might place his hand in the way at the last moment to cushion the blow. Chair strikes tend to be of the "Glancing Impact" variety or strike a wrestler's back instead of head.

     Blimey...when today's fans go to a wrestling show, or watching it on television at home, they don't want to see armbars, headlocks and other wearing-down maneuvers that previously dominated wrestling. They want high-risk flying clotheslines, suplexes off the top rope and death-defying frog splashes. Even the heavyweights are launching hard-hitting, high-flying, high-risk maneuvers in an effort to provide greater thrills for their fans. Wrestling shows today in 2001 and beyond incorporate music, light shows, pyrotechnics, dancing girls and other special effects, making for real Hollywood-scale spectacles. Before the age of TV and mega-budgets, this sort of show would never have been possible. Now it's essential! As Vince McMahon has said on numerous occasions, "He's not in the sports business - he's in the entertainment business."

     Without foreign objects, wrestling might as well be BALLET! The textbook definition of a "Foreign Object" is any object used illegally as a weapon during a match. Foreign objects have been an important part of the sport for decades. What better way to get the fans riled up than to paste your opponent with a chair or handcuff him to the ropes and slap the s*** or p*** out of him? Nothing electrifies a crowd or adds to a Heel's reputation like the use of illegal objects. At one time, only the most evil wrestlers of the 20th Century used foreign objects, but now such faces as the ROCK and STING use chairs, tables and baseball bats as part of their arsenal. There are ways to stage foreign object action for maximum excitement but minimal impact. Wrestlers frequently aim chair shots at their opponent's shoulders instead of their heads or faces. Just like punches or kicks, blows from foreign objects can be PULLED or be of the glancing variety.

     But there's a limit as to how much a wrestler can stage being hit by a foreign object, and solid connections can result in fatal or serious injury. Metal chairs to the head, powerbombs on flaming tables and bodyslams on thumbtacks are painful. The sheer number and variety of foreign objects used by wrestlers like ourselves is truly mind-boggling. Some objects can be found near the ring area, but wrestlers have never been shy about hiding items in their tights or boots.

     The most common foreign objects used today are of the bludgeoning variety. These include crutches, ring bells, ring bell hammers, baseball bats, trash cans, chains, 2x4s, sledgehammers, guitars, pipes, brass knuckles, flag poles, shovels, suitcases, hockey sticks, kendo sticks, night=sticks, armcasts, rolls of coins, branding irons and championship belts! Wrestlers often load up their kneepads, elbowpads, gloves and masks with metal bars, making their cheating nearly undetectable by the referee. Items outside the ring also make great bludgeoning weapons such as chairs, tables, ring barriers, ring posts and such set or stage structures such as scaffolding, ladders, lumber.

     While a foreign object can draw blood, some are specifically designed for that purpose. Common "Slicing and Dicing" weapons are screwdrivers, pencils, can openers, panes of glass, thumb tacks and for the truly exotic, cheese graters! Chains, ropes, leather straps, tape, towels, belts and shirts are effective for stifling an opponent or restraining an enemy. Wrestlers looking for tactical advantage have been known to temporarily blind their foes with pepper spray, powder, salt, fire, hot coffee and "Green Mist".

All questions or comments on this page are to be sent to Scott Oliverson, not me.  I did not have anything to do with the making of this post or the selection of characters.  I do not even know anything about wrestling.  All I did was post the information given to me.  Everything on this page except for the intro paragraph and this closing paragraph were done solely by Scott Oliverson.  If you have a question or comment about this page, you may contact him here, but no flaming!