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Fan-fics by Jake Williams

These fan-fics were done by Jake Williams.  He doesn't have very many, but the ones he's got are very good.  The main reason he doesn't have many is because his job takes up a lot of his time, so why not be kind enough to take some of your time and read these?

Trial by Fire
My first story.
There's a new pup in the pack. DJ was a normal pet until an unfortunate incident results in him being seperated from his master, lost in the mountains, and badly injured. Rescued by the Road Rovers and adopted into the team, DJ is sent on his first mission, but something goes horribly wrong. Now DJ must find a way to save his new friends from an unpleasent end.

Race to Freedom - Thanks for the title Dylan!!
My second story. I tried doing this one in script form.
Three Rovers are kidnaped by Parvo. After DJ suffers an unfortunate mishap, it is up to Dylan to get them out of danger, using a machine that only the disabled DJ is qualified to operate.

Hating being alone in RRMC, DJ wishes for company and soon meets Dylan. After an entertaining lesson, the two find that they will be good friends.