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All original Road Rovers, Space Rovers, Master, Parvo, Groomer, Aliens, and Col. Zachery Storm are © Warner Brothers
Sniper, Crystal, Blazer, Mage, Stacy Lawrence, Rally, and Diamond are © Me
DJ is © Jake Williams
Dylan, Jake, and the Rovers Special Task Force are © Dylan Rinald
The Strayers are © Steven Today
Buick and the Century are © General Motors Corp.

"Rovers Reborn: The Birth of the X-Rovers"
(Part two of the four-part "Nightmare" series)

Story is © 2-8-01 by David Reynolds

SETTING: RRMC Remains, year 2003.

Sniper (The son of Rally and Stephanie; looks similar to DJ except for his left forepaw being black instead of brown), Crystal (The daughter of Rapperswil and Diamond; looks like a female version of Rapperswil and is a little shorter), and Blazer (The son of Hunter and Colleen; looks similar to Hunter, except for his longer bangs) are sorting through the remains, looking for anything of personal value to their now deceased parents.  All the Rovers, Strayers, and Rovers Special Task Force members were killed by Parvo in the middle of the night.  Parvo and Groomer were then killed by Sniper, Crystal, and Blazer in a battle shortly after their parents' deaths.  Unfortunately, RRMC was almost completely destroyed in the fight.  Even though they were just pups, they were able to bring Parvo's destructive empire to its knees.  They are all two years old (Fourteen in dog years) and are much stronger than their parents could have ever imagined.  As they search, Sniper comes upon an old book and kneels to pick it up.  He dusts off the cover and reads the title.

Sniper: Hey, guys.  Look at this.

Crystal and Blazer go over to where Sniper was and kneel next to him.

Blazer: What's that?

Crystal: It says "Rovers: Friends and Foes".

Sniper opens the book and turns to a page with a picture taken in the year 2000.  It shows all the Rovers, Strayers, and Rovers Special Task Force members in front of the Pack Rover.

Sniper: This was taken a year before we were even born.

Crystal: It's hard to believe they're all gone.

Sniper turns the page again.

Sniper (Reading): "Parvo: Defeated Multiple Times."

Blazer: That's a little outta date.

Sniper turns the pages and reads each enemy's caption from the Aliens to Col. Zachery Storm.  He comes to the last page and stops.

Sniper: What?  This can't be right.

Crystal (Reading): "Mage: Undefeated".

Blazer: It says he was never defeated, just run off.  It's unknown if he's even still alive.

Sniper closes the book and the three of them stand up.  He throws the book to the ground and looks at the others.

Sniper: Well, might as well search the rooms.

Blazer: Or what's left of `em.

They walk off down what's left of a hallway and stop at the first door.

Crystal: Rally's room.  You sure you can handle it this soon, Sniper?

Sniper: Don't worry.  I'm tough, just like my father was.

They enter the room, but the door falls off the hinges and crashes to the floor.  After the dust settles, they look around the almost intact room.  They see Rally lying halfway off the bed, a dark red stain around a hole on the back of his shirt.

Blazer: Rally: Shot in his sleep.  A tragic way to die.

Sniper walks over to the dresser and picks up Rally's collar and a picture of him, his father, his mother Stephanie, his Uncles DJ and Rapperswil, his Aunt Diamond, and his cousin Crystal.  He looks at them for a minute, then puts the collar in his pocket and walks back over to the others with the picture still in his hand.

Sniper: We'll give everyone a decent burial later.  Right now, let's keep searching.

Crystal: Aunt Stephanie's room is blocked in the hall by debris.  We'll have to go through the bathroom to get to it.

They open the door to the bathroom that connected Rally and Stephanie's rooms together.  They walk through and into Stephanie's room.  She is lying on the bed with a pillow over her face, her right arm hanging limply off the bed.

Blazer: Stephanie: Smothered to death.

Sniper lowers his head and Crystal puts an arm around his shoulder.

Crystal: You know, you don't have to do this.  You can leave and let us take care of this if you want.

Sniper raises his head with a stern look on his face.

Sniper: No, I have to.

He walks over to the bed and removes the pillow from Stephanie's face.  He lays the pillow on the floor, then sits on the bed and pets his mother's head.  They continue to go room by room, picking up items of sentimental value from each one and paying their respects to each of the deceased Rovers, including Master.  They finish their search and leave Mission Control.

SETTING: Socorro, New Mexico.

A news van from NBC is parked on the curb and a reporter is standing in front of a cameraman.

Reporter: Hi, this is Stacy Lawrence of NBC and I'm standing here in Socorro, New Mexico.  Not far from here, residents were complaining about the sounds of machine gun fire, screams, and explosions in the middle of the night.  There doesn't appear to have been any damage or casualties, so I'm assuming that those reports were false.

Sniper, Crystal, and Blazer are seen walking up in the background.  Stacy sees this and turns back to face the camera.

Stacy: It appears that we may have some confirmation as to whether those reports were true or not.

She and the cameraman run up to the three and Stacy sticks a microphone in Sniper's face.

Stacy: Excuse me, Road Rovers?  We have some questions to ask you.

Sniper: Road Rovers?  The Road Rovers are dead.

Stacy looks at the cameraman and then back to Sniper.

Stacy: I'm sorry, I thought you just said the Road Rovers were dead.

Blaze: He did.  All of `em are dead.  Including the Strayers.

Stacy: Then how am I talking to three of `em right now?

Crystal: We are not the Road Rovers.

Stacy: Then why do two of you look like Hunter and DJ?

Crystal: Because we're their family.  I'm Rapperswil and Diamond's daughter, Crystal.

Blazer: I'm Hunter and Colleen's son, Blazer.

Sniper: And I'm Rally and Stephanie's son, Sniper.

Stacy: Well, could you tell us what happened to them?

Sniper: Like I said, they died.  We'll tell everyone the whole story after the funeral.

Stacy: And when will that be?

Crystal: We don't know.  Right now, all we need to do is find a place to stay for a while.

They turn and start to walk away.  Stacy looks back at the camera still somewhat shocked.

Stacy: Well, you heard it.  The Road Rovers are apparently dead and their children are looking for a place to stay.  Will the world be subject to evil and destruction, or will the three young canosapiens you just saw follow in their parents' footsteps?  We'll keep you updated as more information is found.  Now back to you in the studio.

The three are still walking, thinking of where they could stay, when Sniper suddenly stops.

Crystal: What is it, Snipe?

Sniper: The Space Rovers.

Crystal and Blazer: Huh?

Sniper: Remember our parents told us about a special branch of Rovers that lived in space?  Maybe if they knew who we were and what our situation was, they'd let us stay with them for a while.

Blazer: That's a good idea.  You're already starting to show your mother's intellect.

Crystal pulls out Rapperswil's collar from her pocket.

Crystal: I can use my father's communicator in his collar to call them.

She pushes a small button on the bottom of the front of the collar and a red light appears.  There is static for a minute, but after a few seconds, Persia's voice is heard from the collar.

Persia: What is it, Rapperswil?

Crystal: Sorry, this isn't Rapperswil.

Persia: Diamond, is that you?

Crystal: Strike two.  This is their daughter, Crystal.

Persia: Daughter?  When did they have a daughter?

Crystal: About two years ago.  Listen, could you transport me and two others aboard your ship?  I'll explain later.

Persia: OK.  Coordinates locked in.  Prepare for transport.

A blue beam of light appears from above and surrounds them.  After a few seconds, it disappears, along with the three canosapiens.

SETTING: Control Room, Galaxy Rover.

Persia is standing in front of a computer terminal when Sniper, Crystal, and Blazer walk into the room.  She turns around and is stunned.

Persia: Hunter?  DJ?

The three of them look at each other, then back at Persia.

Crystal: Sorry, strike three.  I'm Crystal, remember?

Persia: You look almost like Rapperswil.

Crystal: Well, I am his daughter.  Who are you?

Persia: I'm Persia, leader of the Space Rovers.

Crystal: Nice to meet you, Persia.

They shake hands.

Crystal: Persia, this is Blazer and Sniper.

Persia: Is Sniper your brother?  He looks just like DJ.

Crystal: Nope.  He's Rally and Stephanie's son.  Blazer is Hunter and Colleen's son.

Persia shakes hands with both of them.

Persia: It's a pleasure to meet you, but where are your parents?

Blazer: They're dead.  Parvo killed them in the middle of the night.

Persia: Are you serious?

Sniper: You may not know us very well yet, but we'd never joke about something like that.

Persia: Well where's Parvo?

Sniper: We killed him.  We're gonna give the Rovers and Strayers a proper burial later, but we were wondering if you'd let us stay with you for a while.  Mission Control kind of got destroyed in the fight.

Persia: Well, there's not a lot of room, but I guess you could stay with us.  You'll all have to share a room, though.

The three look at each other.

Crystal: Well, I don't think that should be a problem.  Do you?

Blazer and Sniper shake their heads.

Persia: Good.  I'll have someone show you to your room.

She walks out of the room and a tan male Labrador walks in.  He is a canosapien dressed in a general's outfit.

Lab: Welcome to the Galaxy Rover.  Follow me to your room.  All rules and regulations will be given to you after you are settled in.

He walks down a hall with the three of them following.

SETTING: Room aboard Galaxy Rover.

The Labrador shows Sniper and the others into the room and leaves.  The three of them look around the room.  There are three beds, two dressers, and two closets.

Blazer: Well, looks like we got enough room here.

Along each of the walls are pictures of the Rovers, Strayers, and RSTF (Rovers Special Task Force) members with the Space Rovers.  Sniper walks up to one that was taken after his father's first mission (See "Brothers: Reunited At Last") and takes it down.

Crystal: These pictures are too depressing.  Let's take `em down.

They proceed to take all the pictures off the walls and place them into one of the dresser drawers.  As they finish, Persia walks in the room.

Persia: You three settled in yet?

She looks around the room and notices that all the pictures are gone.

Persia: Where are all the pictures?

Blazer: They were too depressing, so we took `em down.  Is that OK?

Persia: Well, it's your room for now.  You can do whatever you want with it.  Oh, I need to tell you the rules and regulations of the Galaxy Rover, so meet me in the briefing room.

Crystal: Where's that?

Persia: There are maps along almost every wall.  I'm sure you'll find it.

She walks out and the three stand there a minute, looking at each other.  They all shrug and walk out to find the briefing room.

SETTING: Abandoned Airfield, somewhere in New Mexico.

In an office, a dark figure stands alone.  He has just finished seeing the report on the news about the Road Rovers being dead and turns off the TV.

Man: Finally, it is time for me to take my revenge.  Now that the Road Rovers can't stand in my way, I will be unstoppable!!! *Laughs insanely*

After he stops laughing, he walks out of the office and over to an abandoned hangar.  He walks in and looks over what is inside.  The hangar is filled with hundreds of crates.  He opens one and looks at a ten-foot-long missile.  When he sees this, he smiles evilly.

SETTING: Briefing Room, Galaxy Rover.

Sniper, Blazer, and Crystal walk in and see Persia sitting alone at the table.  She tells them to sit down and they do.

Persia: Tell me, how old are you three?

Crystal: Well, I told you I was born about two years ago, so that makes me fourteen.

Persia: And what about you two?

Sniper: We're about the same age, although I was born first by a few days.  Blazer is a few weeks younger than us.

Persia: Well, I guess before I get onto the rules and regulations, I'd better tell you that you'll have to attend school and undergo training sessions.

Blazer: Sounds fair.  That's what we did at Mission Control.

Persia: Good.  Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the rules and regulations.  First of all…

SETTING: Briefing Room, Galaxy Rover, an hour later.

Persia has finished her "lecture" and they are about to walk out when the Labrador that had shown them to the bedroom runs in.

Lab: Persia, we have reports saying someone at an abandoned airfield in New Mexico is threatening to blow up the entire planet.  Readouts show he has enough firepower to do it, too.

Persia: Thank you, I'll get right on it.

The Lab leaves and Persia turns to face the others.

Persia: OK, your first training session begins now.  I want you to go down there and find out what's goin' on.  Try your best to stop this person, but if you can't, call us and we'll send backup.

Sniper: Right.  We'd better get Jake first.

Crystal: You mean Dylan's evil brother?  Why would we do something that stupid?!

Sniper: He's the only one I know of that might be strong enough to help us.  We have to trust him this time.

Blazer: Whatever, let's just go.

Crystal (To Sniper): Fine, but he turns against us and I'm killin' you before I die.

They run to a transport room and are sent to Earth.

SETTING: Old Factory, somewhere in New Mexico.

Jake is sitting at a desk when Sniper, Blazer, and Crystal burst into the room.  Jake is thrown off guard and falls backwards out of the chair.  He stands up and looks at them angrily.

Jake: What are you doin' here?

Sniper: Jake, we need your help.

Jake: Why would the Road Rovers ask for my help when I've tried to kill my brother so many times?  He is one of you, after all.

Sniper: Jake, we're not the Road Rovers.  Someone beat you to the punch and killed your brother, along with the other Rovers and Strayers.  We need your help.

Jake: Who are you?  And why should I help you?

Crystal: We're the kids of the Rovers.  I'm Crystal, that's Blazer, and that's Sniper.  We need your help because if we don't stop a madman at an abandoned airfield, he'll blow up the entire planet.

Jake: What's in it for me?

Blazer: Are you an idiot?!  Your life is what's in it for you.  Now are you gonna help us or not?

Jake: Fine.  But don't think I'm gonna be your ally after this.  As soon as we stop this guy, our partnership is over.

Blazer: Fine, just come on.

They all run out and stop at a road.

Sniper: We're gonna need some wheels.

He walks into the middle of the road right in front of a Buick Century.  The driver stops just inches away from him.  Sniper walks over to the driver side door and pulls the man out.

Sniper: Sorry, need the car.  Official business.

The man staggers to the sidewalk as the other three walk up to the car.  They get in and Sniper drives off, doing a peel-out that leaves a skid-mark on the road about twenty feet long. (In a Buick Century, mind you.) The man stands on the side of the road, looking on in disbelief as they disappear from sight.

SETTING: Interior, Buick Century.

Jake and Blazer are in the back while Crystal is up front with Sniper.

Jake: Hey, do you have a license?

Sniper: Nope.

Jake: Then how do you know how to drive?

Sniper: I don't.  I'm learning right now.

Jake: A guy without a license or experience, speeding along in a Buick.  Whatta way to die.

Sniper (Slyly): What, don't you trust me?

Jake, Blazer, and Crystal: NO!!!

Sniper: Good.  That makes it more fun.

They speed along, Sniper dodging cars from both directions.

SETTING: Abandoned Airfield, somewhere in New Mexico, half an hour later.

The man is walking back to the office from the hangar when a Buick speeds through the open gate and skids to a stop on the sand and gravel.  Sniper, Crystal, Blazer, and Jake step out of the car and see the man standing there.  He is wearing a black robe and hood with a black mask in the shape of a dog's face.

Sniper: Stop right there.  Just who do you think you are, anyway?

Man: Oh, please excuse my rudeness.  My name is Mage.  Perhaps you've heard of me, Sniper?

Sniper, Crystal, and Blazer gasp and take a step back.

Blazer: You mean you're the Mage?

Mage: That's right.  And I know who all of you are, too.

Jake: What are you talkin' about?

Blazer: That's Mage.  He's the only person who the Road Rovers couldn't defeat.

Jake's jaw drops.

Jake: You mean to tell me that we have to fight someone that even the Road Rovers couldn't beat?

Blazer just nods his head.

Mage: That's right.  I suggest you surrender now before you get hurt.

Sniper: Surrender?!  Sorry, that word's not in my vocabulary.

Mage: Then maybe you should look it up.

Sniper: Very funny, but I never give up.

He puts his hands out in front of him and electricity starts flying from them.

Jake: What the hell is he doing?

Blazer: That's his father's attack, the Energy Blast.  He inherited it from him.

Jake looks back at Sniper, who now has electricity flying from his entire body.

Blazer: Don't use too much of your energy, Sniper!

Sniper continues to power up the attack as Mage smiles.

Mage: You'd be wise to listen to you friend.  It could mean the difference between dying and meeting you parents on the other side now or waiting to do it when I destroy the Earth.

Sniper gets an angry look on his face and fires the blast straight at Mage.  It explodes on impact and shakes the entire airfield.  Jake looks at Sniper in shock.

Jake: Uh, maybe we could be allies after all.

Sniper smiles.  The blast dies down and Sniper's smile quickly disappears and is replaced by a look of shock.  The others turn to see what was so shocking and see Mage standing there, almost untouched.

Blazer: How in the…

Crystal: His father couldn't even fire a blast that powerful, but it still wasn't enough.

Sniper: That's because I didn't use hardly any of my energy.

Mage starts laughing and the others look at him.

Mage: You are pathetic!  You're weak, just like your father was.

Sniper: WHAT?!

Mage: You heard me.  He was a weakling.  And it looks as though that trait has been passed on to his son.

Sniper: My father was not weak!!!

He runs at Mage and punches him in the stomach.  Mage doubles over in pain, but quickly regains the upper hand as he knocks Sniper back about forty feet with an energy attack of his own.  Sniper comes to a stop next to the others on his stomach.  He doesn't move at all.

Blazer: Sniper, are you OK?

Mage: Ha-ha!  That was almost too easy.  Anyone else wanna try before I destroy the Earth?

Crystal runs up to try to hit Mage, but is knocked back even easier than Sniper.

Mage: Come on, I need a challenge.

Blazer uses the super-speed he inherited from his father and gets behind Mage.  He kicks him hard in the back, sending him staggering forward.  He maintains his balance and takes a swing at Blazer, but he is able to dodge it.  He takes another shot, this time connecting with his jaw.  He is sent flying backwards.  He comes to a stop behind Jake, who is looking on in disbelief.

Jake (Thinking): They're stronger than their parents were, but they still can't get the upper hand.

Mage: So, it's down to the oldest of the group, Jake.  Why are you helping these wimps out if they were in allegiance with your brother?  I thought you hated him.

Jake: That's what I thought, too.  But I see now that I was just jealous that he got more attention and was a part of the most elite fighting group in the world.  I didn't hate him, I just wanted to be better than him.

Mage: Well, now that he's dead, you got what you wanted.

Jake: I got what I thought I wanted.  If I could go back and change history, I would.

Mage: Oh, please.  Don't pull this goody-two-shoes act.  I know how evil you are.  I also know how weak you are.  The Road Rovers beat you, but they couldn't beat me.  So what makes you think that you can do what they couldn't?

Jake: You'll see.

He runs up, but is punched in the jaw by Mage and sent to the ground.

Mage: Just as I thought.  You're nothing but a bunch of weaklings.

Jake laughs and sits up.  Mage looks at him confused.

Jake: You thought it would be that easy to take me down?  You'll have to do better than that if you expect to destroy this planet.

Mage: I must say, I am impressed.  No one's been able to take a solid hit from me and get up that quickly.  If they get up at all.

Jake stands up and smiles.

Jake: Guess I'm not as weak as you thought, huh?

He punches Mage hard in the stomach, sending him to his knees.  Mage grabs Jake by the ankles and takes him to the ground.  They both get up at the same time, but Mage punches Jake in the jaw even harder than before and sends him flying backwards.  Mage walks up and stands over him.  Jake doesn't move because he's so frightened.  Mage powers up for an energy attack when suddenly he is hit in the face by another energy attack.  He is sent flying back.  Jake is stunned, then looks over to see Sniper kneeling on the ground, his hands out in front of him.

Jake: Sniper?

Sniper: You can't defeat us that easily, Mage.

Mage sits up, part of his mask destroyed revealing part of his canosapien face.  He stands up and removes the rest of the mask and drops it to the ground.

Mage: You will pay for that.

Sniper: Just who are you really?

Mage: I'm sure you've seen a picture of me before.  Maybe with Dylan and Bayson?

Sniper: I knew it!  You're the one of the students from Bayson's school on Were-Mountain that thought Dylan was weird just because he wasn't a werewolf!

Mage (Sarcastically): Give the boy a prize!

He smiles evilly at Sniper, who was still kneeling on the gravel.  Sniper stands and puts his hands in front of him to power up for his attack once again.  Electricity flies from his entire body and his hair starts to fly up as well.

Mage: Oh, please.  You'll never defeat me with that lame attack.

Blazer sits up and a look of horror crosses his face as Sniper continues to power up.

Blazer (Yelling): Sniper, no!!!  You can't put that much energy into the attack!!!  It could kill you!!!

Sniper still continues to power up.

Blazer (Yelling): Sniper, you've got to power down now!!!  Using that much energy'll kill you!!!

Sniper (Yelling): I don't care!!!  I'm gonna put this guy outta commission for good!!!

Mage: Ha!  Your dad couldn't do it, and neither can you!  You're both weak!

Sniper (Yelling): NO WE'RE NOT!!!

He fires the blast at Mage as Jake shields his eyes and Blazer runs over and covers Crystal, who was just regaining the ability to move.  The explosion shakes the airfield much more than before and destroys all of the hangars and offices within four hundred feet.  The explosion hasn't even died out yet when Blazer, Crystal, and Jake watch Sniper fall to his knees, then collapse on the ground.  They run over to him and turn him onto his back.  Crystal checks him for a pulse and lets out a sigh of relief.

Crystal: He's still alive, but not by much.

The explosion finally dies out and Blazer looks over to see a beaten and battered Mage lying on the ground.

Blazer: Ha-ha!  He did it!  That crazy son-of-a-bitch really did it!

Crystal and Jake look over and also see Mage lying on the ground.

Jake: Well I'll be damned!  I didn't think he had it in `im.

Crystal: Well, he is the son of Rally, one of the best Road Rovers there ever was.

Jake stands up.

Jake: I'm gonna make sure he's outta commission for good.

He walks over to Mage and stands over him.  He then kneels and pulls Mage up by his shirt.

Jake: Looks like you've underestimated the wrong person.

Mage opens his eyes and smiles.

Mage: I don't think so.

Jake: HUH?!

Mage sends him flying back with an energy attack.  Crystal and Blazer look over and see Jake lying on the ground and Mage starting to stand up.  Blaze runs over to Jake.

Blazer: Jake, are you alright?

There is no response.  Blazer pulls a gun out of Jake's boot.  He then stands and points it at Mage.

Mage: Ha!  That blast didn't even weaken me that much, and now you think you can hurt me with an everyday handgun?

Blazer: I thought you knew everything about us.  I guess not, seeing as how you don't know that Jake almost never carries a normal, everyday weapon.

He pulls the trigger and a white ball of energy is fired from the barrel.  It hits Mage in the stomach, blasting a hole right through him.  Mage looks at the hole in disbelief, then looks back at Blazer angrily.

Blazer: I guess Sniper hurt you more than you thought, because that was set to "stun".

Mage: NO!  I refuse to be defeated so easily!

Blazer: Too bad.

He fires the gun again, this time making a hole through Mage's chest right at the heart.  Mage drops to the ground, dead.  Blazer lowers the gun and looks at Jake.

Blazer: Jake, you OK?

Jake moans.

Blazer: I'll take that as a "yes".

Crystal runs over to them.

Crystal: Is he OK?

Blazer: Well, he's not dead.

Crystal: We need to get him and Sniper to a hospital A.S.A.P.

Blazer: Right.

Sirens are heard as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances drive into the airfield. (Or what's left of it, anyways) The police open their doors and point their guns at Blazer and the others as the firemen start trying to put out the fires caused by Sniper's blast.

Police officer #1: Drop your weapons, now!

Blazer: It's OK, we're the good guys.

Police officer #2: How can we be sure of that?

Blazer: Because we're not the ones trying to blow up the planet.

The police look over and see Mage lying on the ground.  The paramedics rush up to him, but find that he had been shot twice.

Paramedic #1: He's dead, sir.

The police come out from behind the car doors and approach Blazer.

Police officer #3: What happened here?

Crystal: We'll tell you later.  Right now we need to get Jake and Sniper to the hospital.

Police officer #3: But I only see one of you that needs to be in the hospital.

Crystal points to where Sniper is lying on the ground.

Police officer #3: Oh.

Crystal and two paramedics put Jake on a stretcher and take him to one of the ambulances while Blazer and two other paramedics run over to where Sniper is.  The paramedics put him on a stretcher and take him to another ambulance with Blazer following them.

Blazer: I told you not to use that much energy in the attack.  Why wouldn't you listen?

Sniper (Very weakly): Well, if I'd done that, Mage would've killed us all.

Blazer: Good point.

SETTING: Waiting Room, hospital in Socorro, New Mexico.

The people from NBC, CNN, and CBS are sitting in the waiting room.  They are waiting until the doctors say it's OK for them to interview Sniper and the others.  The doors open and a nurse in her mid-twenties walks in.

Nurse: OK, they have agreed to see someone from one station and one station only.

Reporters: Who is it?

Nurse: They have requested to see the people from NBC first.

Stacy Lawrence and her cameraman stand up and enter the hall leading to the rooms.  The nurse leads them past the rooms, then stops in front of room 62B.

Nurse: They are in here, but try not to stay too long.  They are still very weak and tired from the incident.

The nurse walks off and Stacy and the cameraman walk into the room.  Blazer and Crystal are in chairs, while Sniper and Jake are in medical beds.  Stacy approaches them.

Crystal: You're from NBC, right?

Stacy: Yes.  You said you wanted to see us first?

Crystal: Yes.  Please, sit down.

Stacy and the cameraman take seats next to Blazer and Crystal.

Stacy: Well, first off, I think everyone would like to know why you four were out there in the first place.

Crystal: We were trying to stop a madman named Mage from destroying the Earth.  And trust me, he had enough firepower and weaponry to do it.

Stacy: And who is this Mage?

Blazer: He's an old schoolmate of the Road Rover named Bayson.  He's also the only enemy that the Road Rovers couldn't defeat.

Stacy: Well, if he wasn't defeated, why didn't he already destroy the Earth?

Sniper (Weakly): Because he couldn't.  The Rovers couldn't defeat him, but they managed to cripple his forces enough to where he had to run off to avoid defeat.  He's been building up his forces for years, waiting for the opportunity to take his revenge on the world.  The deaths of the Road Rovers gave him that opportunity.

Stacy: So what happened out there, anyway?

The four of them tell Stacy what happened from the moment they got word of the madman planning global destruction to the point where the police, firemen, and paramedics pulled up to the scene.

Stacy: So, you have special abilities?

Blazer: Yep.  Sniper has energy blasts and I have super speed.  Jake's just strong, but we don't know if Crystal has any special abilities yet.

Stacy: So what are you gonna call yourselves?

Blazer: Well, it depends on if Jake becomes an ally or an enemy.

Jake: Yeah, right!  I'm not becomin' an enemy with someone like Sniper around!

Blazer and Crystal laugh for a brief moment.

Blazer: Well, we're certainly not gonna call ourselves the Road Rovers.

Crystal: Yeah, it's too depressing.

Sniper (Somewhat weak): How `bout the X-Rovers, for Generation-X?

Blazer: Sounds good to me.

Crystal: Why not?

Jake: I don't care, as long as it ain't no gay name.

Sniper (Somewhat weak): Fine.  We are now the X-Rovers.

Blazer: We'll need a battle cry and a leader.

Sniper (Somewhat weak): I already got a battle cry thought up, and you're the leader, Blazer.

Blazer: ME?!  WHY?!

Sniper (Somewhat weak): Because you're the son of Hunter and Colleen, the leaders of the Road Rovers, that's why.

Blazer (Dull tone): *Sigh* Alright, I'll be the leader.

Crystal (Sarcastically): Oh, he sounds excited!

Stacy (To camera): Well you heard it here first, folks.  There's a new group of superheroes descended from the Road Rovers called the X-Rovers.

Jake: Excuse me!  I'm a Road Rover's brother, not son.

Stacy: My mistake. *To camera* Anyway, maybe now the world will be safe once again.  Back to you in the studio.

SETTING: Waiting Room, hospital in Socorro, NM.

After two days, the doctors decide that it's alright for Sniper and Jake to go home.  As the four of them enter the waiting room, Crystal pulls out her father's collar and pushes the button to activate the communicator.

Crystal (Into communicator): Persia, we're ready to be transported to the ship.

Persia (Through communicator): OK.  We're ready to transport you now.

Crystal (To Jake): You wanna come with us?

Jake: Nah, I gotta place to stay.

Crystal: OK.  If there's anything you need our help for, use this to get in touch with us.

She throws him a handheld two-way radio.  A blue beam of light appears around Sniper, Crystal, and Blazer, then disappears.  Jake looks at the radio Crystal had given him, then turns and walks out of the hospital.


(To be continued in part three of "The Nightmare Series", "Everyone Deserves A Second Chance".)