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All original Road Rovers, Master, Parvo, and Groomer are © Warner Brothers
Rally, Stephanie, Rapperswil, Diamond, Sniper, Blazer, and Crystal are © Me
DJ is © Jake Williams
The members of the Rovers Special Task Force are © Dylan Rinald
Dervish is © Casey Johnson
Star is © Katherine Gore
Ricky is © Ricky Galahad
Alethia is © Kylen Miles
Lotus and Esprit V-8 are registered trademarks of Lotus Cars

"The End of the Road Rovers"
(Part one of the four-part "Nightmare" series)

This story is © 2-4-01 by David Reynolds

SETTING: Training Room, RRMC, 2003.

This is a special room that allows the Rovers to push their power to the limit in order to get stronger.  The room is also designed so that any energy blasts used dissipate very quickly so that the room is not damaged or destroyed.  Rally is training his son Sniper to be a better fighter.  Sniper is only two years old (Fourteen in dog years), but is already about as strong as his father.  His mother is Stephanie, but he looks almost identical to his uncle, DJ.  The only real difference between them (Besides age and height, of course) is that Sniper's paws are all black, including his left forepaw.  Rally fires a small energy blast at Sniper, who is able to dodge it very easily.

Sniper: C'mon, dad.  If you want me to get stronger, you'll have to push harder than that.

Rally: Oh, you think I'm not pushin' hard enough, eh?  Well try this one on for size.

He fires a much stronger blast, but Sniper is once again able to dodge it.  He powers up one of his own energy blasts and fires it at Rally.  Rally misses getting hit by about three inches.

Rally: Whoa!  You're getting' better already.

Sniper: I'm just warmin' up.

Stephanie walks in and interrupts the training.

Stephanie: Now Sniper, don't push too hard.  You could end up hurting yourself.

Sniper: I'm fine, mom.  I'm just tryin' to get stronger.

Stephanie: Well you also need to get smarter.  If you don't hurry, you'll be late for school.

Sniper: Shoot!  I totally forgot.  I'll see ya later.

He runs off down a hall.

Rally: He's gettin' stronger by the day.

Stephanie: Yeah, he's just like his father: Strong as an ox.

SETTING: Classroom, RRMC.

Sniper runs in and sees Blazer and Crystal talking at their desks.  Blazer is the son of Hunter and Colleen and looks almost like Hunter, except for his much longer and fluffier bangs.  Crystal is Rapperswil and Diamond's daughter and looks like a female version of Rapperswil.  As Sniper runs in, they turn around.

Blazer: You were almost late, Snipe.

Sniper (Regaining his breath): Yeah, but almost doesn't count.

He takes a seat next to Crystal as Diamond walks into the room.

Diamond: Good morning, class.  Today I'm going to teach you about…

SETTING: Hall Outside of the Classroom, RRMC.

Sniper, Blazer, and Crystal walk out.

Blazer: Whatta day.  Man, Crystal, your mom can really pile on the work.

Crystal: She just wants us to be smarter.

Blazer: Well what am I gonna need to know biology for?  It's not like I'm gonna be a doctor or anything.

Crystal: It's just something that's required.  Besides, you might need it incase you're the only one around when someone gets hurt real bad.

Blazer: I still think it's a waste of time.

Crystal: And what would you be doin' right now that's more important than learnin'?

Sniper: Would you two quit arguin'?  It seems like that's all you ever do, just like Colleen and Blitz used to.  I mean, you two argue all the time.

Crystal: We don't argue all the time.

Sniper (Jokingly): Fine, 95% of the time.

Crystal (Sarcastically): Very funny.

Sniper: I know.

Blazer: Don't you have a training session with your dad right now?

Sniper: Nope.  He gave me the day off since I'd improved so much.

Blazer: You're lucky.  My parents never give me a day off.  They keep saying I'm not good enough.  Well, at least my dad does.

Sniper: Hunter just wants you to be stronger, that's all.

Blazer: Yeah, but I don't know how much farther he can push me before I go crazy.

They continue to walk down the hall and finally come to the rec room.  They walk in and see Hunter, Blitz, Huntress, DJ, Diamond, and the RSTF (Rovers Special Task Force) sitting on the couches and chairs.

Hunter: Hey guys.  School out already?

Blazer: Already?!  I wish it was out sooner.

Hunter: Diamond still givin' ya too much work?

Blaze: You can say that again.

Hunter: Diamond still givin' ya…

Blaze: Dad, it's a figure of speech.

Hunter: I knew that.

Huntress: Sure ya did.

Hunter: I did.

Huntress (Dull tone): OK, I believe ya.

Sniper: Where's my dad?

DJ: He's out in the vehicle bay lookin' over his car.

Sniper: Thanks.

He walks out and heads toward the vehicle bay.  Along the way, he is stopped by Scout. (The canosapien form of Muzzle.)

Scout: Where ya goin', Snipe?

Sniper: I need to see my dad real quick.

Scout: Oh, well he's tryin' to get that car of his to work.  I told him it ain't ever gonna run again, but he wouldn't listen.

Sniper: That's because he can fix almost anything.

Scout: Except that car.

Sniper gives Scout a playful punch in the arm and continues to walk to the vehicle bay.

SETTING: Vehicle Bay, RRMC.

Rally is leaning over the engine compartment of a gold Lotus Esprit V-8 when Sniper walks in.  A loud clang is heard as Rally's hand slips and a wrench falls to the concrete floor.

Rally: Son-of-a…

Sniper: Hey, dad.

Rally looks up and sees Sniper standing next to him.

Rally: Hey, Sniper.  Could you hand me that wrench?

Sniper: Sure.

He picks up the wrench and hands it to Rally, who goes back to work on the car.

Rally: So, what are you doin' here?  You wanna train or somethin'?

Sniper: No, I just wanted to see what you were doin'.  Scout says you'll never get this thing workin'.

Rally: Well at this rate, I probably won't.

Sniper leans over the engine compartment.

Rally: I just can't figure out what's wrong.

Sniper: Maybe you need to replace the starter.

Rally: Why do you say that?

Sniper: Well for one thing, there's a big hole corroded right through it.

Rally looks at the starter and sees a hole about three inches wide in the side of it.

Rally: Well I'll be.  How'd you know what that was, anyway?

Sniper: I been goin' through some of your old "Car Craft" magazines lately and I picked up on a few things.

Rally: Huh.  I wish it was that easy for me.

They remove the starter and continue to work on the car.

SETTING: Rec Room, RRMC, a few minutes later.

Dervish and Star walk into the room carrying their sodas. (The Rovers really need to hide those stashes better.) They walk over to the sofa and sit next to Scout and Blazer.

Blazer: Hey, guys.  What's up?

Dervish: Nothin' much.  What about you?

Blazer: Eh, about the same.

Star: Where's Rally and Sniper?

Scout: They're down in the vehicle bay tryin' to get that car fixed.

Dervish: Why doesn't he just buy a new car?

Sniper (From doorway): Because he doesn't need to.

They turn around and see Sniper and Rally walk in.

Scout: Yeah, right.  And why do say that?

Sniper: Because it's fixed.

Scout: Yeah, nice joke, Snipe.

Rally: It's no joke.  The car runs perfectly.

Dervish: How?  I thought you couldn't figure out the problem.

Rally: I couldn't.  Sniper found the faulty starter.  He's the one who fixed it, too.

Star (Sarcastically): Well, the son surpassing the father.  Somebody better call the papers.

Sniper (Sarcastically): Funny, Star.  Real funny.

Star: I'm glad you think so.

Just then, an alarm rang.

Rally: Well, looks like we got work to do.

Sniper: Can I come this time?

Rally: No, you're still too young for this kind of thing.  These missions are much more intense than our training sessions.

Sniper: Dad, you said I've become a lot stronger, almost as strong as you, and yet you won't give me the chance to prove myself.

Rally: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Sniper: Dad, just give me a chance.  Please?

Rally: *Sigh*  Alright, just don't tell your mother.

Sniper: Thanks, I won't.

Most of the Rovers, about thirty canosapiens, run to the vehicle bay and climb into the Pack Rover. (That's a damn big plane) They take off, Hunter in the pilot's seat and Colleen copiloting.

SETTING: Briefing Room, RRMC, a few hours later.

The Rovers, Strayers, and RSTF have returned from their mission and are sitting at the tables talking.

Rally: You did pretty good for your first mission, Sniper.

Sniper: Thanks, but Crystal and Blazer did pretty good themselves.

Blazer: Yeah, but we weren't near as good as you.

Rally looks at a clock on the wall.

Rally: 11:00.  I'm goin' to bed.  Don't stay up too long, Sniper.

Sniper: I won't.

Everyone except Hunter, Colleen, Sniper, Crystal, Blazer, Ricky, Alethia, and Master head off to bed.  The one's that didn't go to bed, except Master, head towards the rec room.

Hunter: Anyone up for a game of Poker?

Colleen: Count me in.

Ricky: Me, too.

Blazer: And me.

Sniper: Don't you think it's a little late to be playin' cards?

Hunter: No, not really.

Crystal: What about a round of pool, Snipe?

Sniper: Sure.  At least that way I'll actually be doin' somethin'.

They walk over to the pool table and Crystal racks the balls.

Crystal: You break.

Sniper: Well, I'm kinda new at this.

Crystal (Jokingly): It's easy.  Just hit the little white ball towards the bunch of colored ones.

She bursts out laughing as Sniper slaps his forehead.

Sniper: Why does everyone act like I'm an idiot?

Crystal (Laughing): I'm sorry.  Just hit the ball, alright?

He is about to hit the cue ball when an explosion is heard from the hallway.  Hunter and the others look up from their card game at the door.  Hunter stands up and takes a few steps towards the door, drawing his gun.

Hunter (To Sniper, Blaze, and Crystal): I suggest you three head down to the safety room.  We'll see what's goin' on.

Blazer: Why do we have to be the ones to miss the action?

Hunter: Just do it!

Blazer, Crystal, and Sniper head to a hidden door in the floor of the room.  Blazer opens it and the three of them climb down inside.  Colleen, Hunter, Ricky, and Alethia have their guns drawn, waiting to see who's there.

SETTING: Safety Room, underneath rec room, RRMC.

This is a small room filled with supplies such as food, water, and other necessities.  There is hardly any light because there's only one light bulb, which is almost burnt out.  Blazer folds his arms in front of him and leans against a wall.

Blazer: It's not fair.  Didn't we already prove that we could be trusted in a fight?

Crystal: It's not that.

Blazer: Then why do we have to be down here while all the action's goin' on up there?

Sniper: They just want us to be safe.

From above, the sound of gunfire is heard.

Blazer: See?  We should be up there fightin', not down here sittin' around doin' nothin'.

Screams, yells, and thumps are heard as some of the fighters from both sides die.  The three listen as they hear Hunter yell out in pain.

Hunter (From above, in pain): You'll never get away with this Parvo.

Parvo (From above): But that's the beautiful part.  I already have.  Groomer, go ahead and kill the others.  Use any means you feel necessary.

Groomer (From above): Yes, sir.

She and a few others are heard running out of the room.

Hunter (From above, in pain): Parvo, you'll pay for this.

Parvo (From above): I don't think so, you sorry excuse for a superhero.

A gunshot is heard, followed by a thump as Hunter falls to the floor.  Down below, Blazer has fallen to his knees and hangs his head.  Sniper and Crystal are looking up at the trapdoor above them.

Sniper: No, it can't be.  It just can't be.

Crystal: But it is.

Sniper kneels next to Blazer and rests a hand on his shoulder.

Sniper: I'm sorry, Blazer, but there's nothing we can do right now.  We're just not strong enough to take on Parvo and his men yet.

Blazer: It's not fair.  Why'd he have to kill them?

Sniper: Because he's a heartless bastard, that's why.

They again listen as footsteps are heard running into the room.

Groomer (From above): Sir, all Rovers have been killed.  Including that menace, Rally.

Sniper is stunned at Groomer's statement.

Parvo (From above): Good.  Now that there is no one to stop us, we will take over the world.

Sniper: NO!!!

Parvo (From above): What was that?

Sniper flings open the door above them and climbs out.  Parvo and Groomer are stunned.

Parvo: DJ?!  But I thought you killed him!

Groomer: But I did.  Him and his brother.

Sniper: Well you forgot about Rally's son.

Parvo and Groomer: Son?!

Sniper: That's right, tin-head.

Crystal and Blazer climb out of the room and stand next to Sniper.

Parvo: Hunter?!  But we already killed you!

Blaze: I am not Hunter.  He was my father.

Parvo: You made a mistake getting out of that little room down there.  We would've never found you.  You could've lived to see another day, but now I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill you.  Say hello to your parents for me.

He aims a gun at Sniper and fires, but Sniper catches the bullet about a foot from his face.

Sniper: You know, you could really hurt somebody with this.

He raises his arm and flings the bullet straight at Groomer.  The bullet goes right through her and into the wall behind her.  She falls on the floor, dead.  Parvo looks at this in horror, then glares at Sniper.

Parvo: You will pay dearly for that!

Three of the men behind him open fire on Sniper, but he is able to block every bullet.  The men run out of bullets and throw their guns to the ground.

Sniper: No, it is you who will pay, Parvo.  Or should I say "Boots"?

Parvo growls and is about to attack him when Sniper puts his arms in front of him and starts to power up an energy attack.  Parvo takes a step back, as do his soldiers.  Sniper continues to power up the attack as Parvo and his men turn and run off down the hall.  Sniper and the other two follow him into the briefing room, Sniper still powering up.  Parvo and his men stop and turn to see Sniper, Blazer, and Crystal standing right behind them.

Parvo: You can't defeat me.  You're even weaker than your dad is.  Or should I say "was"?

Sniper burns up with anger.

Parvo: This time, your daddy can't save you.  He'll never be able to again because my men have killed him.

He starts laughing.  Sniper stops powering up and stands there, holding the energy in his hands.

Sniper: I know that I can never bring my parents back.  You've killed them.  And even though you don't know it, when my father died, your death warrant was signed.  Their deaths will be avenged!

As he finishes the sentence, he fires the blast at Parvo.  The blast is so strong, Blazer and Crystal are thrown to the ground, but Sniper is able to stay standing and continue the blast.  When the explosion dies down, Blazer and Crystal stand up and see that the blast had destroyed almost all of Mission Control.  Only the sleeping quarters and rec room remained intact, though there was a lot of debris in the halls.  The rest of RRMC was leveled.

Blazer: Damn!  You blew him straight to hell!

Crystal: Good job, Sniper.  You've successfully avenged the Rovers' deaths.  I know they can't be brought back, but at least you've taken Parvo and Groomer down for good.  Your parents would be proud.

Sniper lowers his head and manages a small smile.

Sniper: I know.  I only wish that my father could've seen me destroy Parvo.

Blazer: Don't worry, buddy.  Besides, you're stronger than he was, and that's something I thought would be impossible, even for you.

Sniper again smiles.

Crystal: Well, I guess we might as well see if there's anyone left.

Blazer: I doubt it.  But why don't we see if there's anything of any sentimental value still intact.

They begin their search, but still can't believe that the Rovers and Strayers are all dead.  They figure they're all alone, but not for long…


(Or is it… Find out in part two of "The Nightmare Series", "Rovers Reborn: The Birth of the X-Rovers".)