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All original Road Rovers, Parvo, Groomer, and Storm are © Warner Brothers
Rally and Diamond are © Me
DJ is © Jake Williams
Dylan, Zudnik, Skia, Jazz, and the Rovers Special Task Force are © Dylan Rinald
Bayson is © Eric Hunter
Marauder is © Jerimy Bass
Dervish is © Casey Johnson
Star is © Katherine Gore
Penny is © Nicole Messina
Dawn is © Dianne Laureano
Huntress Retriever is © Greywolf Lupous
Bear is © Steven Today
Nitro is © Amanda Stephenson
LionHeart is © Jerry Bates
Shamon is © Mike Hendon
NightShift is © NightShift
Cobber is © Mike Browner
Chavaleh is © Kylen Miles

"An Average Day in the Life of a Rover"

Story is © 3-8-01 by David Reynolds

SETTING: Somewhere over the New Mexico desert.

The Sky Rover is seen flying through the air.  Inside we see Rally flying with DJ in the copilot's seat.  Rally flips a few switches and the Sky Rover begins to pick up speed.

DJ: You're doin' fine, Rally.  Now just bring her up to about 5,000 feet.

Rally slowly pulls back on the controls and the plane begins to pick up altitude.  When the dial on the console reaches the 5,000 mark, he levels it out and keeps flying.  Rally has a worried look on his face.

DJ: Relax, you're doin' fine.  You're actually better at this than Hunter, and this is your first time actually flyin' the Sky Rover.

Rally: DJ, I'm not worried about flying.  I just have a strange feeling that it's not going to be a smooth flight the whole way.

DJ: Why do you say that?

Rally: I'm not sure, I just have a bad feeling about all of this.

Dylan walks into the cockpit from the rear of the plane and leans over the seats.

Dylan: Hey guys.  How's the flyin' lesson goin'?

DJ: Good, although Rally says he's got a feelin' that it ain't gonna be a completely smooth flight.

Rally: I don't know what it is, but it just feels like something bad is about to happen.

Just then, lights flash and alarms blare.

Rally: What's that?

Dylan: Missile lock.  Someone's locked onto us.

DJ: Another thing you're better at than Hunter.

Rally: What's that?

DJ: Predicting the future.

Suddenly, an explosion is heard and the Sky Rover lurches forward, sending Dylan to the ground.  DJ jumps up and runs to a seat behind Rally and sits in front of a computer screen.

Rally: What're you doin'?

DJ: Raisin' the shields and armin' the weapons.

Dylan stands up and heads to the seat across from DJ.  He sits down and two control sticks pop up from the floor as a computer screen drops from the roof.

DJ: Keep her steady, Rally.  We'll take care of these assholes.

Dylan: Are those weapons online yet, DJ?

DJ: Almost.  Just a few more seconds and we'll be fully operative.

The Sky Rover again lurches forward as another missile strikes the rear of the plane.

Rally: I don't think we have a few more seconds, Deej.

DJ: Weapons online, shields to maximum power.

Dylan looks to his screen but sees nothing but open desert.

Dylan: I can't see anything on screen.  Where are they?

Metallic pings are heard as the Sky Rover is bombarded by machine gun fire.

DJ: Shields down, weapons failing.  Rally, get us outta here, NOW!

Rally pushes the throttle all the way up and begins to ascend into the air.  The fire from the machine guns ceases and the three listen as Rally again levels out the plane.  Buzzing is heard from the console in front of DJ as he and Dylan look at it.

DJ: Shields down, weapons completely offlined, and we've got a fuel leak.  The left tank has been punctured.

Up front, Rally throws a switch above him and a loud "whoosh" sound is heard.

DJ: How'd you learn to transfer fuel into the reserve tanks?  I never taught you that.

Rally: Well it wasn't very hard.  Take a look.

He points to the roof at the switch he had thrown.  Next to it was a label that read "Fuel tank regulator".

DJ: Fine, do it the easy way.  Hey, good maneuvering back there.

Rally: Thanks, but what was up with that?

DJ: I don't know.  Obviously someone around here doesn't like us.

Dylan: Maybe because we're always blowin' up stuff.

DJ: I doubt it.  Let's get back to Mission Control and have a look at the damage.

An explosion is heard, but this time the entire back end of the plane is blown away.  The Sky Rover rapidly loses altitude and plummets to the ground.  The Sky Rover (or what's left of it) strikes the ground hard, but for the most part stays intact.  It comes to a stop half-buried in sand.  Two Commanche helicopters land next to the partially destroyed Sky Rover.  Five men, armed with rifles, emerge from them and walk over to the remains.

Soldier #1: Looks like they're finished for good.

Soldier #2: Don't be so sure.  They've survived a lot worse.

One soldier steps forward and opens the door to the plane.  Due to the damage, the door falls off in his hand and drops to the ground.

Soldier #3: Well, you know our orders.  Let's get `em and head back to base.

The five soldiers step into the plane and disappear from view.

SETTING: Briefing Room, RRMC.

The five original Rovers are seen sitting around a table with Muzzle next to them in his restraints.

Hunter: I'm really worried about Rally and the others.  Ya think they're alright?

Colleen: I'm sure they're fine.  It's just a little flying lesson.  What could possibly go wrong?

Hunter: I wish you hadn't said that.  Now I'm gonna worry even more.

Exile: Comrade Hunter, if you are worried, why not call them on two-way radio?

Hunter: Good idea, Exile.

He stands up and walks over to a two-way radio and changes it to the Sky Rover's frequency.  Static is heard through the speaker.  Hunter puts down the receiver and walks back over to the table, a troubled look on his face.

Hunter: The radio's dead.  I think they might be in trouble.  C'mon, we've gotta go look for `em.

Blitz: Do we have to?

They all look at Blitz.

Blitz: What?  They're just mutts, anyways.  All three of `em.

Hunter:  Watch it Blitz!  You know what happened the last time you brought that up!

Colleen: Yeah!  Besides.. Hunter, Huntress, Zudnik, Skia, Diamond, and a bunch of the other Rovers and Strayers are mixed breeds, too.  So watch it, Fluffy!

Blitz: Stop calling me that or I'll…

Hunter: Blitz!  Colleen!  Cut it out!  We have more important matters right now.  C'mon.

They head toward the vehicle bay and climb into the Street Rover.  As they leave the vehicle bay, the Street Rover converts to a jet and takes off.

SETTING: Detention Center.  (For all the blondes and slow people reading this, it's like a prison center.)

There are dozens of cells along the walls.  In one are DJ, Rally, and Dylan, unconscious on the floor.  They begin to stir as someone walks into the room.  He walks by the cells and stops in front of the one DJ, Rally, and Dylan are in.  He looks down at them lying on the floor.

Man: Get up, you mangy mutts!  It's time to meet your new master.

The three have just realized what's going on.  They stand up and look into the face of a young soldier.

Soldier: Glad to see you finally decided to get up.  Your new master will be here shortly to greet you.

DJ (Still a little dazed): New master?  What the hell are you talking about?  Where are we?

Soldier: Your questions will be answered soon enough.

He walks off and exits the room.  The Rovers sit down on the beds to try and figure out what's going on and what the soldier meant by "new master".  The door opens again as another man enters, escorted by two soldiers armed with rifles.  We can't make him out because of the small amount of light in the room.  He walks over to the Rovers' cell and looks at them.

Man: Ah, Road Rovers.  So glad you could come.

The Rovers look up and see Parvo looking at them.  They stand up from off the beds.

Dylan: Parvo!  What are you up to this time?

Parvo: Quiet!  Don't talk back to your master!

DJ, Rally, and Dylan: MASTER?! YOU?!

Parvo: Yes, me.  I will turn you three into my best-ever cano-mutants.  Then you will work for only me. *Laughs insanely, breaks into coughing fit*

He pounds his fist against his chest and stops coughing.  The Rovers look at each other, then at Parvo.

Rally: Why would we work for you, tin-head?

DJ: Yeah, we'll always be loyal to the Road Rovers!

Parvo: Ah, DJ.  I still haven't forgotten you shooting me in the leg the last time we saw each other.  That's why you're going in first.

DJ: And if I refuse?

The soldiers point their rifles at his head.

DJ: Well, since you put it that way…

Parvo (Chuckling): I knew you'd see things my way.

One of the soldiers opens the cell, takes out DJ, and closes the cell door.  DJ smiles as his arms are handcuffed behind his back.

Parvo: Why are you smiling?

DJ: I was just thinking about the look on your face when you make me stronger and I decide to turn on you.

The soldier that had handcuffed him hits him in the head with the butt of his rifle.  DJ falls limp to the ground.  Rally grabs onto the bars of the cell door.

Rally: If you hurt him, I'll…

Parvo: Don't worry, you'll soon be joining him.

The soldiers pick up DJ, then they and Parvo leave the room.  Rally and Dylan sit back down on the beds.

SETTING: Interior, Street Rover, Somewhere over the New Mexico desert.  (Sound familiar?)

Hunter is flying the Street Rover (Still in jet form) across the desert.  From the seat behind him, Exile spots something on the ground.

Exile: Comrade Hunter, there is something on ground.  It looks like Sky Rover, but it is kaputski.

Hunter: Oh, man.  That is not good.  It looks like the entire rear end's been blown away.

Hunter brings it down for a suprisingly smooth landing.

Colleen: You're getting better every day, Hunter.

Hunter: Thanks.  Let's see if they're still around.

They begin to search the remains of the Sky Rover, but come up empty-handed.

Hunter: You find anything?

Colleen: Not a bloomin' thing.  What about you, Exile?

Exile: Nyet.  I have found nothing.

Hunter: What about you, Blitz?  Ya find anything?

Blitz: Yeah, right.  Like I would even look for them anyways.

Colleen and Exile give him an annoyed look.

Shag: Rayre rey rer raprured. (Translation: Maybe they were captured.)

Colleen: Yeah, that is a possibility.

Blitz: How come I'm the only one who can't understand mop-boy?

Exile: You must first have I.Q. more than fourski.

Hunter (From inside the Sky Rover): I don't like the looks of this.

Colleen: What is it, Huntie?

Hunter climbs out of the Sky Rover holding the collars of DJ, Rally, and Dylan.  He shows them to the others.

Colleen: I see what ya mean.

Hunter: They were captured, alright.  But why?  And by who?

Colleen: Well, we know they were smart enough to get rid of the tracking devices on the collars, whoever they were.

Muzzle hops off and stops at a disturbed section in the sand.  He grunts to get the others' attention.  They walk over to where Muzzle was standing.

Hunter: Good job, Muzz.  It looks like two helicopters landed here.  Probably Commanches.  *Sniffs* And it smells like there was at least five men.  But where could they have taken DJ and the others?

They all shrug and head back toward the Street Rover.  They get in and take off.

SETTING: Detention Center, Parvo's Base.

Rally and Dylan are laying on the beds, awaiting their fate, when Parvo's two soldiers return with DJ, still in his old form.  They open the cell and throw him in.

Soldier #1: You got lucky this time, pooch.  Next time, it ain't gonna be so easy to get out of your fate.

They walk out of the room as Dylan and Rally stand up and help DJ to his feet.

Dylan: What happened, DJ?  Why aren't you changed?

DJ (Smiling; brushing himself off): Seems Parvo had a few "technical difficulties" with his cano-mutator.

Dylan and Rally: Huh?

DJ pulls a screwdriver from his pocket.

DJ: Doesn't take much to short-circuit a cano-mutator, now does it?

Dylan: DJ, you sneaky son-of-a-bitch!

DJ: Well I would hope so. (He is referring to the "Son-of-a-bitch" comment.)

SETTING: Exterior, Street Rover.

The Street Rover has converted back to it's original form.  Hunter is pulling into the vehicle bay at RRMC.  All the other Rovers and Strayers (The Rovers Special Task Force are counted as Rovers) are waiting for them as they pull in and come to a stop.

Dervish: Decide to go for a little joy ride?

Hunter: No.  Someone has captured DJ, Dylan, and Rally during Rally's flying lesson.  The Sky Rover's destroyed.

Diamond: What?!

Star: Why don't you just track `em using the tracking devices on their collars?

Colleen pulls out the collars they found earlier and hands them to Star.

Colleen: That's why.

Diamond: Wait, wait, wait.  You mean to tell me that some mysterious person has captured my brothers, and now we can't even find them?!

Hunter: Pretty much.  But don't worry, Diamond.  We're gonna find `em.

Bear: And just how do you propose we do that?

Hunter: I have a plan.

Rovers and Strayers (Except Hunter): OH, GOD!

Hunter: What?

Colleen: Um, Hunter?  Incase you haven't noticed, your plans never work.

Hunter: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Colleen.

Colleen: You're welcome.

Hunter: Very funny, Colleen.  Anyways, this plan will work, or my name's not Hunter Retriever!

Huntress: Well, what would you like to be called then?

Blitz: How `bout Fluffy?

Rovers and Strayers (Excluding Blitz): THAT'S YOUR NAME!!!

Blitz: I'm starting to hate you all.

Huntress: Even me?!  You jerk!

Blitz: NO!  I didn't mean you, Huntress!

Huntress: So we're still on for that stroll along the beach, then?

Blitz: Of course!

Exile: I am beginning to feel very sick!

Hunter: OK, you two.  Break it up.  We got work to do.

Nitro: OK, genius, what's your bound-to-be-screwed-up plan this time?

Hunter: Well, first we single out all the people who'd wanna hurt us.

Colleen (Sarcastically): Oh, that should be easy.  I mean, there's only a couple billion people that don't like us.

Hunter: Got a better idea?

Colleen: As a matter of fact, I do.  Follow me.

She runs over and gets in the driver's seat of the Street Rover.  The others proceed to load into the different vehicles.  Blitz, Exile, and Huntress get into the Street Rover with Colleen.  Bear and Nitro get on the Cyclborg (A hoverbike that looks like a dog, just like all the other Rover vehicles).  Star, Dervish, Jazz, Bayson, Dawn, and Diamond get into the Sonic Rover.  Briggs, Zudnik, Rune, Kytec, Raymond, Carmen, and Sash get into the Rovers Special Task Force jet.  Finally, Penny, Chavaleh, LionHeart, Shamon, NightShift, Cobber, Shag, Muzzle, and Hunter get into the Pack Rover.

Colleen and Huntress (Over radio): You're not coming with us?

Hunter (Over radio): Nope.  Not with Colleen driving, I'm not.

Colleen (Over radio): And after I complemented you on your landing?  How rude!

Hunter (Over radio): Sorry, just stating a fact.

They all head out in the different vehicles.  The Street Rover has to convert back to a jet in order to avoid getting stuck in the sand.

SETTING: Cano-mutator Room, Parvo's Base, just down the hall from the detention center.

Parvo and Groomer are overlooking the repairs to the cano-mutator.

Parvo (Frustrated): Can't you people work any faster?!  I don't pay you to work slow! *Turns to Groomer* How soon `til we can mutate the Rovers?

Groomer: Not long, General.  It should only take about an hour or two to fix the machine.

Parvo growls at her.

Groomer (Scared): Of course, I could get them to work a little faster.

Parvo: Good.  I'd like this done before the other Rovers get here.

Groomer: But I thought your soldiers got rid of the tracking devices, sir.

Parvo: Has that ever stopped them before?!  Now get that machine fixed, on the double!!!

Groomer: Yes, General. *To workers* Alright, get that machine fixed now, or we kill the lot of you!

At this the workers are stunned for a minute, but then continue working, only at a faster pace than before.

Groomer: That's better.

SETTING: Interior, Sonic Rover.

Bayson is flying and Star is copiloting.  Diamond is seated behind Bayson with Jazz behind her, and Dervish is sitting behind Star with Dawn behind him.

Bayson (Into CB): Colleen, what's your plan?

Colleen (Over radio): You'll see when we get there.

Bayson (Into CB): Get where?

Colleen (Over radio): You'll see.

All the vehicles continue to fly over the desert.  Suddenly Colleen veers off to the left, and the others follow, although not as quickly.  When they finish the turn and catch back up to Colleen, Bayson isn't too impressed with her little "change of course".

Bayson: Colleen, what the hell was that?

Colleen: Sorry, just needed to change direction.

Hunter: Well next time, give us some kind of a warning.

Colleen: Sorry.

SETTING: Cano-mutator Room, Parvo's Base.

Groomer: General, repairs are almost complete.

Parvo: Good.  Get DJ ready for the mutation process.

Groomer: Right.  Um… which one was he again?

Parvo: The brown one with the black stripe down his face.

Groomer: Oh, yeah.  I keep forgetting.

She heads off toward the detention center.

SETTING: Detention Center, Parvo's Base.

Groomer walks up to the Rovers' cell and tells Rally and Dylan to back away from DJ.  They refuse and she pulls a gun on DJ.

Groomer: It would be a pity to have to waste such a nice specimen.

DJ: You two back up.  I'll take care of myself.

They back up and he approaches the cell door.

Groomer: First get rid of your tools.  Parvo doesn't want to have to fix the cano-mutator again.

DJ pulls out the screwdriver and wrench he'd been carrying and lays them on the bed.  Groomer opens the cell and takes DJ out, still with the gun aimed at his head.  She closes the cell door and they walk towards the exit, but DJ turns around and nails Groomer in the face, knocking her to the ground.  She drops her gun and DJ picks it up, along with the keys to the cells.  She tries to get up, but DJ knocks her out.  He walks over to the cell and lets out Dylan and Rally.

Dylan: You're just full of surprises today, aren't you?

DJ: Sometimes.  C'mon, lets get outta here before she wakes up.

Rally: Hold on.  I got an idea.

He walks over to Groomer, drags her to the cell, and locks her inside.

DJ: C'mon, we still gotta get outta here.

They walk towards the door, but stop when they here footsteps.  Rally looks up and sees a ventilation duct.  He points it out and they climb in just as Parvo walks into the room.

Parvo: Groomer!  I thought I told you to bring me DJ!  Groomer?

He walks over to the cell and sees her on the ground, out cold.

Parvo (Shouting): You damned Rovers!  I will get you!  You can't run from me for long!  I will find you!

He opens the cell and carries Groomer out of the room.

SETTING: Exterior, Parvo's Base.

The Rovers and Strayers land in an unguarded section of the compound.  They all climb out of the vehicles and look around.

Hunter: Well I'll be damned!  I'm not gonna ask how you found it, Colleen.

Colleen: Good, `cause I just guessed.

Hunter: And you wonder why I don't trust you very much.

They walk to the back of the building and hear banging above them.  They aim their guns at a grate over the opening to a ventilation duct.  It's kicked open and DJ, Rally, and Dylan jump down.  They stand up and see the others.

Dylan: `Bout time you guys showed up.

Bayson: Dylan?  DJ?  Rally?  What happened?

DJ: No time.  Let's get outta here.

Just then, soldiers appear from around the corners.

Soldier: Hold it right there, unless you like the idea of being shot.

Huntress: Hmm… decisions, decisions.

Dervish: How `bout "C"; none of the above.

They run off as the soldiers start to fire machine guns at them.  They duck behind some trees, but Nitro is shot in the back before she can reach them.

Bear: Nitro!!!

He pulls out a gun from his boot and the others do the same.  He runs out to Nitro as the others start to fire at the soldiers to keep them from shooting Bear.  He picks her up and carries her behind the trees where the others were.  They had already taken out about half the soldiers when the others retreat to get reinforcements.  Colleen puts up her gun and walks over to Bear, who is holding Nitro and trying to calm her.  She checks her pulse and looks grimly at Bear.

Colleen: She's got a pulse, but it's very weak.  We have to get her to Marauder as soon as possible.

They get into the vehicles and head toward Mission Control.  The reinforcements still hadn't arrived, so there is no problem getting away.

SETTING: Cano-mutator Room, Parvo's Base.

A soldier walks up to Parvo and removes his hat.

Soldier: Sir, the Road Rovers have escaped.  They had reinforcements and killed almost half of our troops.

Parvo: I see.

He snaps his fingers and Groomer, now conscious, takes aim with her gun and shoots the soldier in the head, killing him instantly.

Parvo: I will not tolerate anymore failure.

SETTING: Infirmary, RRMC, half an hour later.

Nitro is lying on a medical bed.  Bear is in a chair next to her, holding her hand.  Marauder walks up to them and puts a hand on Bear's shoulder.

Marauder: Could I speak with you alone for a minute?

Bear: Sure. *Turns to Nitro* Don't worry, I'll be right back.

They walk over to one corner of the room and Marauder stands with his back to Nitro, obviously not wanting her to see what he's saying.

Marauder (Whispering): Bear, I'm afraid that the bullet wounds are very deep.  I'm not sure if anything's been damaged, so I'll have to run some tests.  I think it would better if you waited outside.  I'll call you as soon as the test results are in.

Bear (Whispering): OK.  But first I need to tell Nitro.

Marauder (Whispering): Go ahead.

He walks over to the bed and holds her hand.

Bear (Whispering): Marauder is gonna need to run some tests now.

Nitro (Very weakly): But…

Bear (Whispering): Don't worry, I'll be waiting right outside.

He kisses her on the forehead and walks out.


Bear walks in and the others all stop what they were doing.

Hunter: Well, how's she doin'?

Bear: She's OK right now, but Marauder's running some tests to see how bad she's hurt.

He sits on the sofa next to Diamond and Dervish.

Dervish: Cheer up, I'm sure she's gonna be fine.

Bear: I hope so.  I don't wanna lose her.

Diamond: Don't talk like that.  She's gonna pull through, trust me.

Bear: I wish it were that easy, Diamond.  Hey, where's DJ, Rally, and Dylan?  I was sure they'd be here relaxin'.

Dervish: They said they had some "unfinished business" to take care of.

Bear: And we all know they're goin' after Parvo.

Diamond: Of course.

SETTING: Interior, Sonic Rover.

DJ is piloting, Rally copiloting, and Dylan navigating from a console behind DJ.

Dylan: We're about thirty miles from Parvo's base.

DJ: Good.  It's time for a little revenge; Road Rover style.

They all howl and head toward the base.

SETTING: Office, Parvo's Base.

Parvo is sitting at a desk typing in something on his computer.  Groomer has just gotten off her cell phone and she turns to face Parvo.

Groomer: Sir, Storm says he wants DJ and the other two by 4:00 tomorrow.

Parvo: Great, that gives us three hours less time to get them.  Groomer, send out some more soldiers to find them.  This time, don't fail me.

Groomer: You can count on me, General.

She salutes him and walks out to get the soldiers.

Parvo: For your sake, Groomer, I hope you're right.


The Rovers and Strayers are still doing the same things as before when Marauder sticks his head in the doorway and knocks on the wall.

Marauder: Bear, I need to talk to you.

He gets up and follows Marauder into the hallway.  They stop just outside the infirmary.

Marauder: Well, the results are in, but it's not looking too good for Nitro.

Bear: What do you mean?

Marauder: Well, the bullets went very deep and hit her right lung and scraped her heart.  She's bleeding heavily internally and externally.

Bear: Is there anything we can do?

Marauder: Well, maybe.  But I'll need Colleen's help to pull it off, and we have to act quickly or Nitro will die.

Bear: Well what're you waiting for?!  Let's go!

They run back to the rec room and get Colleen.  She follows them back to the infirmary and they all enter.  Bear walks over to Nitro's side and holds her hand while Marauder and Colleen walk over to a corner to discuss the procedure.  Bear whispers something in Nitro's ear and she smiles slightly.

Nitro (Weaker than before): Don't worry, I trust `em.

Colleen and Marauder walk up and Colleen puts a mask over Nitro's muzzle.  She turns a knob on a tank and gas flows through the tube to the mask.  After a few seconds, Nitro is asleep and Colleen and Marauder prepare to go to work on her.

SETTING: Interior, Sonic Rover.

Dylan: DJ, we got bogies at twelve o'clock!

DJ: How many?

Dylan: Six.  What should I do?

Rally: Stay there, I'll take care of these morons.  They're not gonna get us a second time!

He gets up and sits across from Dylan.  A screen and control sticks appear in front of him, just like they did for Dylan in the Sky Rover.  He aims and locks onto one of the Commanches that were coming at them.

Rally: Take this, assholes!

He pushes both buttons on the control sticks and two missiles are launched from underneath them.  They fly directly towards the target and explode on impact, blowing the helicopter to pieces.

Rally: Yeeeeee-Haaaaaa!!!

DJ: That's my catchphrase!

Rally: Share and share alike, bro'.

He pushes the buttons again, this time destroying two bogies at once.

Dylan: Alright, Rally!  You da' man!

The other three Commanches keep coming and start to fire their machine guns.  DJ pulls up sharply, avoiding most of the bullets.  He levels the Sonic Rover and turns around so that he's behind the helicopters.

DJ: Alright, I got us this far.  It's up to you to finish the job, Rally.

Rally: No sooner said than done!  Say good-bye, morons!

He pushes a different button on the arm of his chair and a giant laser beam fires from the nose of the plane, destroying all three Commanches before they have a chance to turn around.  DJ turns the Sonic Rover back towards Parvo's base and they continue on.

Dylan: Damn, Rally.  You're already better than most of the other Rovers at destroying Parvo's men.

DJ: Excuse me?  He did have help, ya know.

Rally: Don't worry, we wouldn't forget about you.

He gets up and takes his seat next to DJ.

Rally: Alright, let's get Parvo and get back to HQ before the others come lookin' for us.

They continue to fly towards Parvo's base.

SETTING: Office, Parvo's Base.

Groomer runs into the office.

Groomer: General, all six helicopters have been destroyed!  The work of those pesky Rovers, no doubt.

Parvo: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you said you wouldn't fail me this time, Groomer.

Groomer: But…

Parvo: Quiet!  I've heard enough outta you!  I'll get those Rovers, then decide how to deal with you.

Groomer: Yes, General.

She walks out of the room.  Parvo turns with his back to the door.

Parvo (To himself): You Rovers are quite the nuisance.  You have destroyed over half of my forces, but no matter how hard you try, I will prevail.

SETTING: Hall Outside Infirmary, RRMC.

Bear is sitting alone on a bench, waiting for Colleen and Marauder to finish their work.  It was suggested that he didn't see what was going on.

Bear: I wish they'd hurry up.  The suspense is killin' me!

He tugs at his hair as Dervish, Diamond, Hunter, and Huntress walk up.

Hunter: You're gonna make yourself bleed if you keep doin' that.

Bear: I know, but the suspense is killin' me!

Dervish: Well, I'm sure they'll be done soon.  They've been in there over two hours now.

The door opens and Colleen and Marauder step out and carefully close the door.  Bear jumps up from the bench.

Bear: How is she?!  Is she gonna be alright?!

Marauder: We've done all we can for her.  Now all we can do is wait.

Bear: But I've been waiting for hours!  I can't take it anymore!

Colleen: Well, I guess it'd be OK for you to see her, although she's still unconscious.  What do you think Marauder?

Marauder: It's OK by me, just don't wake her up.  The shock might kill her.

Bear: Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything that might hurt Bear.

He walks in and closes the door.  The others walk to the rec room to relax.

SETTING: Exterior, Parvo's Base.

The three Rovers exit the Sonic Rover and walk to the back of the building.  They are in the same area where Nitro was shot.  DJ peeks around the corner, then turns toward Rally and Dylan.

DJ: There's about fifteen men.  Ya think ya can handle it, bro'?

Rally: I don't think, I do.

At this he runs around the corner. A loud explosion is heard over the yelling of the men as a giant dust cloud sweeps around the side of the building.  When it dies down, DJ and Dylan round the corner and see Rally standing in front of a giant crater in the ground.  Dylan leans over to DJ.

Dylan (Whispering in his ear): Remind me never to get on your brother's bad side, OK?

DJ: You mean he has a good side?

Rally: I heard that.

DJ: Sorry.

Rally: C'mon.  Parvo's gonna get a little surprise party thrown in his honor.

They run over to a door and walk in.

SETTING: Power Room, Parvo's Base.

The room is almost completely dark.  The only light is coming from vents near the ceiling.  The Rovers draw their guns, expecting an ambush.  They walk out into a hall and continue on.

Dylan: Why is it always dark?  Bad guys must not be able to afford lights.

DJ: Shhhh, I hear something.

They listen and hear footsteps approaching them.  They duck into a room and wait for the footsteps to pass.

Rovers: Whew!

DJ: That was close.

Voice: Ah, I see you're back for more.

They turn around and see Parvo.  They had accidentally walked into his office.

Rovers: Parvo!

Parvo: That's right.  I have you once again, but this time there is no escape.

Rally laughs insanely as DJ, Dylan, and Parvo stare at him.  He stops laughing and smiles at Parvo.

Dylan: Would you mind tellin' me what's so gosh-darn funny?

Rally: Well, Parvo, it seems you've underestimated us once again.

DJ: Uh, Rally?  What are you talking about?

Rally: Don't be silly, DJ.  You know what I'm talking about.

DJ: No, I don't.

Rally winks at him.

DJ: Oh!  I got it now.  You're right.  Parvo doesn't stand a chance against us.

Parvo: What are you two talking about?  Incase you haven't noticed, you're my prisoners.

DJ: Incase you haven't noticed, we've got you outnumbered.  It would be wise to give up, Parvo.  Or should I say "Boots"?

Parvo: Argh!  I hate that name!

He pulls out a gun and aims it at them.

Parvo: Now who's got the advantage? *Chuckles*

The Rovers look at each other with bored expressions.  They then pull out their guns and aim them at Parvo.  Parvo stops chuckling and drops his gun.  He tries to run, but Dylan knocks him out with his gun.  They look down on him, then drag him out to the Sonic Rover.  They secure him so he can't get free, incase he wakes up, and lift off.

DJ: Mission accomplished.  Let's head home.

They howl and head for RRMC.

SETTING: Hall Outside Infirmary, RRMC.

Bear is still in the infirmary with Nitro.  Hunter, Colleen, Huntress, and Marauder are waiting outside.

Hunter: Are you sure there's nothin' else you can do?

Marauder: I'm afraid so, Hunter.  It's up to Nitro to pull through on her own.

Hunter hangs his head and Colleen puts an arm around his shoulders to comfort him.  Huntress leans against Marauder with a solemn expression.

Marauder: Don't worry, Huntress.  I'm sure she'll pull through.

Huntress: I hope so.  She was one of my best friends.  Plus, if she doesn't, Bear's gonna be crushed.  They can't even stand to be separated for more than five minutes.

Marauder: I know, but it's out of our hands now.

DJ, Dylan, and Rally walk up to them.

DJ: So, how's she doin'?

Huntress: Not sure.  Bear's in there now.

Rally: Well, I sure hope she pulls through.

Colleen: We all do, Rally.  We all do.

Suddenly Bear emerges from the room and carefully closes the door.  For some reason, he is smiling.

Dylan: Hey, Bear.  How's Nitro?

Bear: She just smiled at me!

Colleen: Say what?

Bear: I was talking to her and she smiled at me!

Marauder: That's great!  Just keep your fingers crossed.

Bear: I will, you can bet on that.

He runs to the rec room to tell the others.

SETTING: Infirmary, RRMC, a little while later.

Marauder is standing over Nitro as she begins to stir.  He walks out, tells Colleen to get Bear, and walks back in.  Colleen returns shortly with Bear and they enter the infirmary.

Marauder: I thought you might wanna be here when she wakes up.  C'mon, Colleen.  Let's leave these two alone.

He and Colleen leave and Bear sits in the chair next to Nitro.  He holds her hand and pets her head.


All the Rovers and Strayers except Bear and Nitro are here.

Star: So what did you do with Parvo?

DJ: We put him in his own personal cell until we can hand him over to the police in the morning.

Rally: Now he'll see what it feels like to be locked up in a prison cell for a couple of hours.

Star: Oh, I almost forgot.  Here.

She pulls out their collars and hands them to DJ, Rally, and Dylan.

DJ: Thanks, I feel naked without this thing.

Rally: Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but it does feel weird to be without my collar.  Tch.  Listen to me.  I'm a stray and I'm talking about it feeling strange not wearing a collar.

The four of them laugh.

Male voice (From doorway): Hey, guys.

Everyone stops what they're doing and looks at the door.  Bear is standing there with Nitro next to him.

Rovers and Strayers: Nitro?!?

Marauder: What are you doin' outta bed?  You're still far too weak to be walkin' around.

Nitro: I'm fine.  Besides, that surgery you and Colleen did worked perfectly.

Marauder: But you should still be in bed, Nitro.

Nitro: Hey, I'm sure you're just worried for my safety, but trust me, I'm fine.

Marauder: OK, but until I say so, you're not to leave Mission Control or do any work.  Understand?

Nitro (Jokingly): OK, mother.

The Rovers and Strayers all laugh, including Nitro and Marauder.

Hunter: OK, that's enough.  Let's get some rest for tomorrow.  It's been a hard day.

They are about to go to bed when alarms and warning lights go off.

Dervish: *Sigh* It's gonna be a long night!

Chavaleh: You can say that again.

Dervish: OK.  It's gonna be a long night!

Chavaleh: Very funny.

Dervish: I know.

Jazz: I'd better get a new notepad.  This one's completely filled up.

They all head toward the vehicle bay and take off.  (Everyone except Nitro and Marauder, that is.)

Nitro: I hope they hurry back.  It gets lonely here.

She and Marauder head to the rooms as the others head off to stop yet another maniac from taking over the world.