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All original Road Rovers, Parvo, Groomer, Gustav Havoc, and Master are © Warner Brothers
Rally and Diamond are © Me
Huntress Retriever is © Greywolf Lupous
Sierra is © Elista Adkins
DJ is © Jake Williams
Dylan is © Dylan Rinald
Dervish is © Casey Johnson
Bayson is © Eric Hunter
Alethia is © Kylen Miles
Ricky is © Ricky Galahad
Jay Dogmen is © NightShift
Porsche and the 911 are © Dr. Ing. h.c.F Porsche AG
Jaguar and the XJ200 are © Jaguar Cars, 1994

"Rovers of Honor"

Story is © 1-6-01 by David Reynolds

SETTING: Miami Beach, Florida, Saturday afternoon.

Hunter, Colleen, Huntress, Blitz, DJ, Rally, Sierra, Diamond, and Dylan are lying on the beach, enjoying the summer sun.

Colleen: I'm sure glad Master gave us some vacation time while the others take over for a while.

Hunter: Yeah, we don't get too much time off.

A man walks up to them carrying a phone.

Man: Is there a "Hunter" here?

Hunter: Yeah, right here.

Man: Well, you got a phone call from someone called "Master".

The man hands Hunter the phone and walks off.  Hunter holds the phone for a minute and looks over at Colleen.

Hunter: I wonder why he's calling us. *Puts phone to ear* Hello?…  No, why?…  Why can't the others take care of it?…  All of `em?…  No, it's OK.  We can always take our vacation later…  We'll be there as soon as we can. *Puts phone down*

Huntress: What is it, bro?

Hunter: Our vacation is over.  We got another mission.

All: What?!

DJ: Why can't the Rovers at Mission Control take care of it?

Hunter: They're all out on other assignments.  C'mon, let's go.

Diamond: Do we ever get time off?

Rally: Yeah, but somethin' always happens, so it doesn't last very long.

They get up and catch a bus to the airport.

SETTING: Miami Airport, Miami, Florida.

The Rovers are sitting in chairs, waiting for their flight to Socorro.

Sierra: So, did Master say where we're goin'?

Hunter: He said something's goin' down in California.  He didn't give a specific place, though.

DJ: Well he'd better give us some specifics when we get back, `cause there's dozens of places in California where terrorists could attack.

Huntress: Don't worry, I'm sure he'll tell us everything.

Female announcer (Over intercom): 747 flight 89 to Socorro will load at Gate 29-A in five minutes.

Hunter: That's us.

They get up and head to the loading gate.  Once on the plane, they are automatically escorted to the First Class section of the plane.

Colleen: I guess being a Road Rover has its advantages.

Rally: It sure beats cargo.

Diamond: Cargo?  When have you flown in the cargo bay?

Rally: Let's not get into that right now.

The plane takes off for Socorro as the Rovers look down at the ground below them.

Hunter: I like this.  At least this way we get a break from flyin'.

DJ: And it's much safer this way, too.

Diamond: How long should the flight take?

Dylan: About three or four hours.

Diamond: Oh.

Dylan: What's wrong?

Diamond: Well, I have a slight fear of heights.

DJ: Don't worry.  They say flying is the safest way to travel.

SETTING: Socorro Airport, about three hours later.

The Rovers step off of the plane. (Well, Diamond sort of staggers off.)

Hunter: You OK, Diamond?

Diamond: I told you guys I didn't like heights.

DJ: But you made it in one piece, didn't you?

Diamond: Well, I guess so.

DJ: See, I told you flying was the safest way to travel.

A man approaches the Rovers, carrying a very large gun and wearing dark shades.

Hunter and Huntress: Jay?!

Jay: Hey, you two.  How's it goin'?

Hunter: Well, we were on vacation, but…

Jay: Something's going on in California.  I know.  The Sonic Rover's waiting outside.

Colleen: So you're coming with us, then?

Jay: Yup.  Someone's gotta keep an eye on Hunter and Huntress.

Hunter and Huntress: HEY!

Rally: C'mon, let's get goin'.

They run to the Sonic Rover, but Diamond is a little reluctant to board the plane.  DJ and Rally poke their heads out the door and look at her.

DJ: You comin' or not?

Diamond: Maybe you guys should go this one without me.

Rally: Say what?  What's wrong, Diamond?

Diamond: Nothin'.

DJ: You wouldn't be acting like this if it was nothin'.  C'mon, you can tell us.

Diamond: Alright, I'm scared.  I'm scared right outta my skull.

DJ: Look, with Jay flyin', you got nothin' to worry about.

Diamond: It's not the flying I'm worried about.

Rally: Then what is it?

Jay (From inside): You guys hurry up!  We got a long way to go.

DJ walks out and slowly eases Diamond up the boarding ramp to the Sonic Rover.

DJ: Don't worry, we're not gonna let anything happen to you.

They sit down and Jay lifts off.

Huntress: So, did Master tell you anything about the mission besides the fact that it's somewhere in California?

Jay: He said it's near Hollywood.

Rally: "Near"?  All the technology we have and Master can't even get specific locations?  No offense, but that's pitiful.

A phone rings and everyone looks around, pulling out their cell phones.  After a few more rings, it is found out that it is Rally's phone.

Rally (Into cell phone): Yeah?…  What do you want?!…  What?!  But, that's not enough time…  Fine, where are you?…  But how can we get there in time?…  And what if we can't?…  How do I know this isn't some kind of trick?…  Exile!  Are you OK?!…  You little bastard.  If you hurt them… *Hears dial tone* *Puts up phone*

DJ: Who was that?

Rally: Parvo.

All: Parvo?!

Rally: He's got Exile, Dervish, Ricky, Alethia, and Bayson held captive.  He says we have three hours to save `em, or he kills `em all.

DJ: What?!  Three hours?!  Where is he?

Rally: He said he's waiting at a hidden facility in Montana.

Dylan: Montana?!  Do you think we can risk delaying our mission in California for a while?

Master (Over speakers): Rovers, new developments have been found in your mission.  The maniac has started destroying parts of Hollywood.  He says unless his demands are met within two hours, he'll destroy Hollywood, then the rest of California.

Hunter: Only California?

Colleen: I'm surprised he's not planning on taking over the world.

Master (Over speakers): Rovers!  There's no time for this.

Jay: What are his demands?

Master (Over speakers): He wants $3 million and a clean escape.

Hunter: Is that it?

Master (Over speakers): He also has hostages.

Jay: How many?

Master (Over speakers): I'm not sure, but unless you stop him within two hours, they will all die.  I know you can do it Rovers. *Speaker goes dead*

The Rovers are silent for a moment, then Dylan speaks up.

Dylan: Well, how are we gonna do this?

Colleen: We not only have to stop this guy in Hollywood, but now we have to save Exile and the others as well.

Rally: How are we gonna get from Hollywood to Montana in an hour?

DJ: There's no way, even with the Sonic Rover.

Huntress: Something's not right here.

Hunter: Whatta you mean?

Huntress: Isn't this where Blitzie normally screams like a girl or cries and begs for his life?

Diamond: Yeah, he's been quiet ever since Master called us in Miami.

Everyone looks at Blitz, who is sitting in a chair near the back with his arms folded across his chest, looking straight ahead.

Dylan: Well that's strange.

Jay: Tell me about it.  He's usually cowering in a corner by now.

Rally: It looks like he's in deep concentration.

Colleen: That's impossible.  If he ever went into deep thought, he'd get lost.

The others, except Blitz, laugh.

Blitz: Would you guys get serious?  We have work to do.

Everyone immediately stops laughing and looks at Blitz.

Blitz: What?  Why are you looking at me like that?

Hunter: Never mind.  Blitz is right, we have work to do.

Colleen: But how are we gonna be able to pull this off?  If we go to California, Exile and the others are doomed.

DJ: And if we go to Montana, lots of innocent people will die.

Rally: Colleen, how long `til we get to Hollywood?

Colleen: Let's see…  About an hour and fifteen minutes.  Why?

Rally: I've got a plan, but it's risky.

DJ: Well, whatever it is, we have to try it.  It may be our only chance.

SETTING: Room inside Hidden Facility, somewhere in Montana.

Exile, Dervish, Alethia, Ricky, and Bayson are tied up in chairs, sitting back to back.  Exile also has a blindfold over his eyes, for obvious reasons.  Parvo walks into the room.

Bayson: Why are you doing this?

Parvo: Because the more Rovers I have outta the way, the easier it'll be to take over the world.  It was hard enough with just the six original mutts.

Exile: But I am not a mutt.  I am purebred Siberian Husky.

Parvo: It doesn't matter.  Soon you will all die.

Dervish: In your dreams.  Hunter and the others won't let that happen.

Parvo: But that's the beauty of my plan.  I had someone cause a little bit of "havoc" in Hollywood with a two-hour time limit.  I planned it so they would have to make a tough decision.  They'll either save you, or save the people of California.  There's no way they can do both in three hours.

Ricky: You're always underestimating us, and we always seem to come out on top.

Parvo: Not this time.  Looks as though I've finally beaten the Road Rovers.  Besides, even if they do save the people of California and get here in time, they'll never find my hideout.

He stands there for a minute, then walks up to Alethia and grabs her collar.

Dervish: You leave her alone!

Parvo: Don't worry.  She'll be last one to die.

He rips off Alethia's collar and turns it over.

Parvo: Just as I thought.  Tracking devices.

He walks over to an intercom and presses a button.

Parvo: Groomer, get in here.

A few minutes later, Groomer walks in the room and salutes Parvo.

Groomer: You wanted to see me, General?

Parvo: Yes.  Get all the Rovers' collars and destroy them.  Here.

He hands her Alethia's collar and she goes to work getting the others.  Exile's is taken easily since he can't see due to the blindfold, but Bayson resists her.

Groomer: Hold still, you mangy mutt!

Bayson kicks her in the shin and she hobbles back, holding her leg.

Groomer: You insignificant little…

Parvo: Just get the collar and stop complaining.

She picks up a gun and shoots a tranquilizer dart into Bayson's neck.  She takes the collar, then leaves to destroy all of them.

Parvo: Let that be a lesson to you.  The more you resist, the more painful we make it for you.

He walks out and closes the door.

Dervish: Great, now what are we gonna do?

Exile: Have faith, comerade.  I'm sure the others will find us.

Alethia: But they still have to save the people in California.

Ricky: Don't worry, they'll find a way to do it.  They wouldn't let us down.

Dervish: Not on purpose, anyway.

Bayson starts to stir as the tranquilizer wears off.

Ricky: Bayson, you alright?

Bayson (Drowsily): Yeah, I think so.

Dervish: That tranquilizer wasn't very powerful.

Bayson: Actually it was very powerful.  Werewolves just have strong immune systems and are usually unaffected by things like that.

Alethia: Must've been a strong formula.

Bayson: Yeah, probably strong enough to take down a rhino.

Exile: That is very powerful tranquilizer, Comerade Bayson.  Are you sure you are dokie okie?

Bayson: I'm fine, Exile.  Right now we just need to worry about what we're gonna do.

Dervish: Exile, can't you just burn through your blindfold?

Exile: Are you nutski?!  That would burn mein face!

Dervish: Well, that plan just flew out the window.

Exile: What window?  I can't see anything.

The other groan and hang their heads.

SETTING: Outskirts of Prescott, Arizona.

The Sonic Rover is in an open field and the Rovers are standing outside.

Rally: So, who's goin' with me?

DJ: I am.

Diamond: Me, too.  As long as it doesn't involve flying.

Rally: Don't worry, we'll be on the ground.  OK, who else?

Dylan: I'll go.  That bastard's holdin' my friend hostage.

Rally: Anyone else?

Everyone is quiet.

Rally: Alright, let's get movin'.

Hunter, Jay, Colleen, Huntress, Blitz, and Sierra load back onto the Sonic Rover and the others walk off toward Downtown Prescott.

DJ: So, what do we do?

Rally: We'll need some wheels.  Preferably some that can outrun the cops.

Diamond: Why would we need to do that?

Rally: Because we need to get to Montana as fast as we can, and the cops are sure to follow us.

Dylan: Of course, that could work to our advantage.  They could be there when we take down Parvo.

Rally: Well, let's get goin'.

They walk for a while, then finally reach downtown.  They stop in front of a car lot.

Rally: Hmm…  "Walker's Jaguar and Porsche Auto Sales".  Sounds like a good place to start.

The four Rovers head onto the lot and are met by a woman dressed in formal clothes.

Woman: Welcome to Walker's.  May I be of some assistance?

DJ: Yeah, we need your two fastest cars.

Woman: Someone with the need for speed.  I like that.  Well, we have one remaining XJ220 and four 911s.

Dylan: We'll take the XJ220 and a 911.

Woman: Wonderful.  How will you be paying?

Rally: We were hoping on credit.  We're the Road Rovers.

Woman: Road Rovers?  Oh, well, go ahead.  They're parked around back and the keys are in them.  We had some people test drive them earlier.

DJ: Thanks.

They walk around the back of the lot and find the cars.  Rally and DJ get into the XJ220 (With Rally driving) while Diamond and Dylan grab one of the 911s (Dylan is driving).  They start them up and take off down the street.

SETTING: Hollywood, California, twenty minutes before deadline.

The Sonic Rover has landed and the Rovers are outside looking around.

Colleen: Whatta mess!  They should really get a maid.

Hunter: Looks like this guy isn't kiddin'.

Jay: C'mon.  Let's find `im before he starts killin' innocent people.

Hunter: Just one thing, Jay.

Jay: What's that?

Hunter: Just don't go in there shooting like a madman, OK?

Jay (Smugly): Now why would I do that?

They walk off and reach a studio that hadn't been destroyed.

Sierra: Looks like this is the place.

Huntress: There's a lock on the door.  How are we gonna get in?

Blitz: No problem.

Blitz walks up and uses his super-teeth to destroy the lock.

Hunter: Good job, Blitz.  Let's go.

They walk in and are met by twelve men armed with shotguns.

Man #1: Don't move or we'll shoot.

Jay: S***.

He drops his gun and they all put their hands up.

Hunter: Where's Rally when ya need `im?

The men escort the Rovers and Jay to another room.  Inside they find about thirty hostages sitting on the ground and a very familiar figure holding a .45.

Rovers and Jay: Gustav Havoc?!

Havoc: That's right, Rovers.  Now you and your friends in Montana will all die.

Huntress: How'd you know about our friends in Montana?

Havoc: Because General Parvo and I set all this up.  We knew you'd fail one way or the other, and it looks as though we were right.

Colleen: Ha!  Shows how much you know.  We have friends on their way to…

Jay: Colleen!

Jay shakes his head at her and she keeps quiet.

Havoc: What?  You have friends on their way to what?

Hunter: Don't mind her.  She's a little delirious right now.

Havoc: Well, now that you've failed, I guess I should start the destruction, starting with you pests.

He points his gun at Colleen as the men pull the others out of the way.

Havoc: Ladies first.  Say good-bye, bitch.

Hunter: Don't call her that!!!

Havoc: Shut up, mutt!  You're next.

He squeezes the trigger and a bullet flies from the barrel, but before the bullet can reach Colleen, Blitz breaks free and runs in front of her.  The bullet strikes him in the chest near the heart.  He collapses to the ground and a large puddle of blood pours from wound onto the floor.  Colleen is stunned at Blitz's courage.

Havoc (Smugly): Bravery can get you killed, now can't it?  Oh, well.  One dead Rover is as good as the next.

He takes aim again at Colleen, but never gets to fire.  She runs up, kicks his gun away, and punches him in the face.  He staggers back and leans against a wall.

Havoc: You little…  You will pay for that.

Colleen: You're the one who'll pay.  No one hurts a Rover and gets away with it.

Hostage #1: Look out!

Colleen turns around and sees two men coming at her.  She jumps over them and kicks them to the wall next to Havoc.  She picks up a shotgun and aims it at the other men.

Colleen: Let `em go, or you all die.

The men drop their guns and back up towards the wall.  She aims the gun at Havoc, who is shaking from fear.

Colleen: It's not so fun bein' on the wrong side of a gun, now is it?

She looks at the hostages, cowering together in a corner.

Colleen (To hostages): Get outta here.  You should be safe now.

The people all get up and run out of the room.  A young child stops next to Colleen.

Child: Thank you.

Colleen: You're very welcome, Guv.  Now get outta here and get home, OK?

The child smiles at her and walks out.  The Rovers walk up and stand behind her.

Hunter: Great job, Colleen.

Colleen: Thanks, Luv.  Now get Blitz outta here.  I'll take care of these blokes.

Jay and the other Rovers stare at her for a moment.

Colleen: What are you starin' at?  Get `im outta here, now!

They snap out of their trance and carry the bleeding Blitz out of the building toward the Sonic Rover.  Havoc and the other men are still shaking against the wall.

Colleen: Don't worry, I won't kill you.  I'm just gonna teach you not to mess with my friends.

She fires the shotgun and Havoc is hit in the stomach.  He falls to the ground, bleeding heavily.

Colleen (To men): Why don't you tend to his injuries before he dies?

She walks out of the building and tosses the shotgun into some rubble across the street.  When she gets back to the Sonic Rover, Hunter walks up to her.

Hunter: That was a very noble thing you did, Colleen.

Colleen: Well, anyone who risks his life for me deserves to have the favor returned.

Hunter: That's very mature of you.  Well, let's get goin'.  We need to try and save Exile and the others.  How much time do we have?

Colleen: About… *Looks at watch* an hour and five minutes.

Hunter: That's not a lot of time.  Let's get movin'.

They board the Sonic Rover and take off toward Montana.

SETTING: Interstate 15, near Lincoln, Idaho.

The Jaguar XJ220 and Porsche 911 are barreling down the highway with five patrolmen chasing them.  Inside the Jaguar, Rally looks in the mirror, smiles, and picks up a CB mic.

Rally (Into CB): Ya think we've toyed with `em enough?

Dylan (Over CB): "Toyed with `em"?  I'm red-linin' this thing.

Rally (Into CB): Really?  Well, just try to keep ahead of `em, alright?

Dylan (Over CB): No problem.

Police officer #1 (Over CB): Unit 29 to central, requesting a roadblock be set up.

Female dispatcher (Over CB): Unit 29, roadblock is being set up.

Rally (Into CB): You guys here that?

Dylan (Over CB): Sure did.  What should we do?

Rally (Into CB): Just follow my lead.

Female dispatcher (Over CB): Unit 29, roadblock has been set up four miles from the Montana border.

Rally (To DJ): This should be fun.

DJ: Just don't do anything stupid.

Rally (Sarcastically): Darn.  There goes my plan.

After driving for a few more minutes (At blinding speeds), the roadblock comes into view.

Dylan (Over CB): So, what's your plan?

Rally (Into CB): Like I said, just follow my lead.

They continue towards the roadblock, but just before hitting the cars, Rally pulls a powerslide and drives off the road.  Dylan is quick to follow, but the police giving chase don't expect the maneuver and slam their brakes, coming to a halt inches from the roadblock.  Rally and Dylan  re-enter the interstate and take off.  The two roadblock cars take off and give chase, but the other five don't even attempt to go after them.

Police officer #2: Why aren't we goin' after `em?

Police officer #1: Because those two patrol cars are faster than us.  We'd just get in the way.

Police officer #3: Or get left in the dust.

SETTING: Two miles north of Dell, Montana, a few minutes later.

The four Rovers are still driving with the two patrol cars right behind them.  Rally looks out his side window and pulls a quick 180° and takes off in the other direction.  By the time Dylan and the police turn around, Rally has stopped on the side of the road.  Dylan and the police stop behind him and everyone gets out of their cars.  The police pull their guns on the Rovers.

Police officer #4: Freeze!  Put your hands in the air or we'll be forced to fire!

DJ: It's alright, we're Road Rovers.

The police officers look to each other, then put their guns away.  They walk up to the Rovers and look from one to the other.

Police officer #5: OK, what's all this about?

DJ: General Parvo is holding some of our friends hostage and says he'll kill them unless we can save them in… *Looks at watch* forty-five minutes.

Dylan (To Rally): Why'd you stop here?

Rally: Because this is where Parvo's hideout is.

All: Huh?

Rally: You see that plant over there?

He points to a bush a few feet away and the others look to where he was pointing.

Diamond: But, that kind of plant isn't even native to this region.

Rally: Precisely.  Looks like Parvo was a little careless in his plant selection.

He walks over and pulls away the bush, exposing sliding steel doors with a numbered keypad.

Rally: Just as I thought.

DJ, Dylan, and Rally try to pry open the doors, but they don't budge.

Dylan: Well, that didn't do any good.

DJ pulls out a screwdriver and jams it into the keypad.  Electricity flies from the panel.  DJ pulls the screwdriver out and jams it between the two sliding doors.  He pries it open about half and inch and gets his fingers into the opening, the screwdriver still holding the doors apart.

DJ: Are you guys gonna help me, or just stand there like morons?

Dylan, Rally, and Diamond kneel down and help DJ pry the doors open.  Once fully open, they all look inside.

Police officer #5: Looks pretty dark.  You want me to get a flashlight from the car?

Dylan: No time.  We need to do this now.

All six of them jump in and start down the pitch-black corridor.  After a while, they all stop and listen.

Voice #1 (In the distance): What that?

Voice #2 (In the distance): What what?

Voice #1 (In the distance): I heard something.  Down there.

Diamond (Whispering): Cano-mutants?

DJ (Whispering): Yes.  Everybody get down on the ground and don't move.

All six of them lay down on the ground.  Dylan lays on top of Diamond, covering her with his body.

Diamond (Whispering): What are you doing?

Dylan (Whispering): Hiding you.  You're white fur will show up easily in the dark.

DJ (Whispering): Keep quiet, you two!

Cano-mutant #1 (In the distance): This time I know I heard something.  Come on.

The Rovers and officers watch silently as two large cano-mutants walk up and stop in front of them.

Cano-mutant #2: Entrance is open.  Go close it.

The cano-mutant walks off and looks up at the opening.  Rally signals something to DJ and starts to crawl toward the cano-mutant at the opening.  DJ pulls out his screwdriver and stands up behind the cano-mutant in front of them.  In one swift motion, he grabs the mutant's shoulder and jams the screwdriver into his spine.  The cano-mutant screams in pain and drops to the floor as the other one turns around.

Cano-mutant #1: Randi, you OK?

There is no answer.  The mutant takes a few steps forward and stops.  Rally has gotten behind him and now stands up.  He slowly pulls out a large wrench from his pocket and lowers it to his side.

Cano-mutant #1: Randi, you OK?!  Answer me or I'll tell the General!

Rally taps the cano-mutant on the shoulder and he turns around.  As soon as he is facing Rally, Rally lifts the wrench and brings it hard across the mutant's face.  The mutant falls to the floor in a heap.  Rally kneels next to him and wipes the wrench on the cano-mutant's shirt.

Rally: That was a little too easy.

He walks back to the others and they all stand up.  Rally hands DJ the wrench.

Rally: Thanks for the wrench, but you might wanna wash it off later.

DJ puts the wrench in his pocket and they all continue down the hall.

SETTING: Somewhere over Idaho.

The Sonic Rover is still flying toward Montana.  Jay is piloting and Sierra is copiloting.  Hunter is at the back with Colleen, looking over Blitz.

Hunter: How is he?

Colleen: He's unconscious, but stable.  We need to finish this mission and get him to a hospital.

Hunter: Sierra, how much time do we have?

Sierra: Less than half an hour.

Hunter: Damn.  How long `til we get to Montana?

Sierra: We reach the border in about ten minutes.

Hunter: Why do we always have to cut it so close?

SETTING: Underground Corridor, near Dell, Montana.

The Rovers are still walking along, the police right behind them.

Diamond: Is it me, or is it getting darker?

DJ: Well, we're probably too far from the opening for any light to reach us.

Rally: Hold on, I got some light.

He stops and clenches his fist tightly.  Electricity flies from his fist, and soon a mystic flame appears around his hand.

Rally: Let's go.

Police officer #4: I'm sure glad he's on our side.

Police officer #5: Me, too.

After a minute or so, they come to a stop.

Rally: No. No, no, no, no, no.

Diamond: What is it?

DJ: Dead end.  Looks like this was just a trick.  I guess Parvo's smarter than we thought.

Dylan: Wait, I seen this in a movie before.  It's probably just a trick.

DJ punches the wall in front of them and reels back in pain.

Rally: I don't think that's a trick.

Diamond: Now what do we do?

She leans back against the wall and it opens like a door.  She almost falls, but maintains her balance.

Police officer #4: I guess it was a trick.

Dylan: At least there's light.

The mystic flame slowly fades from Rally's hand and they all walk inside.

SETTING: A few miles outside of Dell, Montana.

Jay lands the Sonic Rover.

Hunter: What are you doin', Jay?

Jay: There's an opening in the ground.  It might be Parvo's hideout.

Huntress: Great, let's go.

Hunter: Colleen, you stay here with Blitz and keep an eye on him.

Colleen: OK, Huntie.

Hunter, Huntress, Sierra, and Jay walk out and drop down into the opening in the ground.  Hunter pulls out a flashlight and shines it down the hall.  He shines the light on the two cano-mutants lying on the ground and they all cringe.

Huntress: Looks like DJ and the others are already here.

Hunter: What makes you say that?

They walk down the hall and eventually come to the "dead end" and stop.

Jay: It could be a trap.

Sierra: No, Rally's been here.

Hunter: How do you know?

Sierra: He never closes doors.

Hunter: Good point.

SETTING: Hall inside Parvo's hidden facility.

Rally and the others have stopped in front of a steel door with a hand-scan.

Diamond: Can't you just fry it, Deej?

DJ: No, it's got strong security and a very sensitive alarm.  Anything that would try to override the system would set off the alarms and Parvo's men would be on us in a matter of moments.

The sound of approaching footsteps makes them all freeze in place.  Dylan hides Diamond behind him and the police officers pull out their guns.  The footsteps continue to get louder as the Rovers and officers take a few steps back.  Hunter suddenly appears around the corner and one of the officers pulls the trigger on his gun.  Hunter ducks in time to have the bullet ricochet off the wall right above his head.  

Hunter: Jeez!  Thanks for the warm welcome.

Dylan grabs the gun from the officer.

Dylan: Are you crazy?!  He's on our side, ya' moron!

Hunter stands up straight as Huntress, Jay, and Sierra come around the corner.

Sierra: What's up with shootin' at us?

Police officer #4: Sorry, I thought you were Parvo's men.

Huntress: Why aren't you in yet?

DJ: We can't open the door without an alarm goin' off.

Sierra: Standard model 4, huh?  No problem.

She walks up and inspects the hand-scan.

Sierra: DJ, you got a screwdriver and pliers, don't you?

DJ: Yeah, here.

He hands her the screwdriver and pliers and she walks back over to the scanner.  She slowly pries open one side of the panel and carefully inserts the screwdriver.  She keeps pushing the screwdriver in until she hears a click.  She lets out a relieved sigh, keeping the pliers and screwdriver in place.

Sierra: Alright, someone put their hand on the scanner.

Jay walks up and places his hand on the scanner.

Computer voice: Access approved.  Welcome to Gen-Par Incorporated.  Enjoy your stay.

Sierra: Now get in.  As soon as I let go of this thing, the doors will shut.

They all run through the door.  Sierra releases her hold on the screwdriver and gets through just as the doors slam shut behind her.

Sierra: Well, that was fun.

Hunter: How much time?

Sierra: Ten minutes.

Dylan: Dammit, I'm not gonna let my friend die!  Let's go!

They run as fast as they can down the hall and come to an intersection.

Hunter: Alright, we'll have to split up.  Diamond, you go with Dylan.  Huntress, you're with me.  Sierra and Rally are a pair, and DJ will go with Jay.

Police officer #5: What about us?

DJ: You get outta here.  This is too dangerous.

Hunter: Try to get some backup, just incase.

Police officer #4: What about the door?  It's locked shut.

Sierra: Only from outside.  From the inside you can open it even without a hand-scan.

The officers head back toward the doors as the Rovers split into their groups.

SETTING: Interior, Sonic Rover.

Colleen is walking from side to side, checking monitors and typing on keyboards.  From behind her, Blitz is heard coughing.  She turns and walks over to him.  He coughs a few more times and blood trickles from one side of his mouth.

Colleen: The shot must've punctured his lung. *Groan* I know I should wait for the others, but I need to get you to the hospital.

She turns away from him and pulls out her cell phone.  She dials a number and puts the phone to her ear.

Colleen (Into phone): Hello, Dell Hospital?…  Yes, this is Colleen, the Road Rover.  I have someone who's been severely injured and I need to get him to a hospital soon.  Do you think you could have a medical crew waiting when I arrive?…  Yes, thank you.  I should be there in a few minutes. *Puts up phone*

She walks to the front and sits in the pilot's seat.

Colleen (More to herself than to Blitz): Don't worry Blitz, I'm gonna get you to the hospital soon.  Just hold on a few more minutes.

She takes off and heads for Dell, leaving the others alone in the underground facility.

SETTING: Hallway inside Underground Facility.

Hunter and Huntress are running using their super-speed, rounding numerous corners.  They suddenly stop and look around.

Hunter: There are no doors on this entire hall!

Huntress: C'mon, let's keep going.

They run at normal speed down the hall and Hunter points out an intersection that has just come into view at the end of the hall.

SETTING: Five-way Intersection, Underground Facility.

The four pairs of Rovers (And Jay) come out of four of the different halls and stop in the middle of the intersection.

Jay: Damn!  These halls lead nowhere!

Dylan: Wait, what about that?

He points to the fifth hall.

Sierra: Well, there's only one thing we can do.  Come on.

All eight of them run down the hall Dylan had pointed out.

SETTING: Room inside Underground Facility.

The five Rovers are still back to back in their chairs when Parvo walks in.  He looks at his watch, then at the Rovers.

Parvo: Only three minutes left until you die, and your friends still haven't shown up.  Oh, well.  Looks as though I've finally succeeded in my plan.

Dervish struggles to breaks free, but the ropes hold him tightly against the chair.  Parvo walks up and kneels in front of him.

Parvo: Looks like someone's a little eager to die.  Fine, you're first.

Dervish spits in Parvo's face.  Parvo stands up and wipes his face.

Parvo: For that you die now!

He walks over to a desk by the door and picks up a gun.  He steps in front of Dervish and carefully takes aim.  Just as he is about to fire, a second door in front of Exile is kicked open.  The other four Rovers struggle to see what's going on, but can't because of their bindings.

Exile: What is going on?

Ricky: I don't know. I can't see anything.

Parvo: What?!  Rovers?!

Jay and the other seven Rovers walk into the room.

Hunter: That's right, tin-head.  And now you go down for good.

Parvo: Have you forgotten about the people in California?  By now they're all dead.

Jay: I don't think so.  We took care of that first.

Parvo: Well, you're too late to save your friends.  The deadline has expired, and so have they.

He aims the gun at Dervish and prepares to fire, but before he can, Huntress runs up and tries to take the gun from him.  Parvo hangs on and they start to wrestle for the gun.  After a while, their hands, along with the gun, go down and a shot is heard.  Both Parvo and Huntress are stunned.  They both look down and see a bullet-wound in Huntress's stomach.  Parvo drops the gun and Huntress takes a few steps back, tears forming in her eyes and her hands clasped around the wound in her stomach.  Hunter comes up and wraps his arms around her as they both fall to their knees.

Hunter (Whispering): It'll be OK, Huntress.  We're gonna get you outta here. *To Parvo* YOU!  You're gonna pay for this!

Hunter lays Huntress on her back and stands up.

Hunter: No one hurts my sister without goin' through me!

Hunter runs up and punches Parvo in the stomach.  As Parvo doubles over, Hunter hits him in the jaw with his knee.  Parvo falls back on the ground and Hunter kneels next to him.

Hunter: Where's Groomer?

Parvo (Weakly): Go.. to.. Hell!

Hunter: You first.

He punches Parvo in the face, knocking him out.  Hunter stands up and goes back over to Huntress and kneels next to her.

Hunter (To others): Someone find Groomer.  DJ, untie Exile and the others.

Jay runs out of the room (Using the door that Parvo used) to find Groomer while DJ walks up to Exile.  He takes off Exile's blindfold, then unties the ropes that held him to the chair.

Exile: What happened, comerade?

DJ points to Hunter embracing his sister, blood puddled on the floor.

Exile: Mother Russia!  She was shot?!

DJ nods.

Exile: Blitz is not going to like this one bitski.

DJ: Blitz was shot, too.

Exile helps DJ untie the others.  Jay returns with Groomer in front of him, held at gunpoint.

Jay: Here's the bitch you wanted.

The Rovers stare at him and he realizes why.

Jay: Oh, sorry.  I didn't mean anything by that.

Hunter: It's alright.  I know you didn't.

Hunter stands and approaches Groomer.

Hunter: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you and Parvo right now.

Groomer: You mutts don't scare me.

Hunter: That's too bad.  Sometimes fear can be good for your health.

Groomer: Is that a threat?

Hunter: You'll know when it's a threat.

He punches Groomer, knocking her to the ground.

Hunter: I'm gettin' my sister outta here.  You guys take care of Parvo and Groomer.

Hunter picks up Huntress and heads out the door with Jay following.  DJ and Rally pick up Parvo while Sierra and Ricky pick up Groomer.

Dervish (To Parvo and Groomer): You're just lucky we don't believe in killing people in spite.

SETTING: Outside Underground Facility, a few minutes later.

The Rovers climb out of the corridor and see Hunter and Jay standing by the road, looking around.

DJ: What's goin' on?

Jay: The Sonic Rover's gone.

Hunter: We need to get Huntress to the hospital now!

Sirens are heard as four patrol cars pull up and stop next to them. The policemen step out of the cars and look around.

Police officer #6: What happened here?

Hunter: My sister's been shot and needs to get to the hospital soon.

Police officer #7: Get in my car.  I'll take you there.

Hunter gets in one of the police cars and puts Huntress next to him.  The police officer gets in and drives off.

Police officer #4: What about those two?

Dylan: This is Parvo and Groomer.  They're the ones who tried to kill our friends and also who shot Huntress.

Two of the officers handcuff Parvo and Groomer and put them in separate cars.

Exile: Book them, Comerade Dan-O!

Sierra: Exile, this is serious.

Exile: Sorry, just trying to lighten moodski.

Dervish: It's OK, Exile.  We're all just a little tense.

Police officer #6: Is everyone else alright?

Alethia: Yeah, we're fine.  Just a little shaken up.

Rally: I say we get the hell outta here.

Diamond: I always thought Montana was supposed to be a peaceful and beautiful place, but now I never wanna come back.

Ricky: I'd have to agree with you.

DJ: Let's just go see how Blitz and Huntress are doing.

They all get into the cars and head for Dell Hospital.

SETTING: Briefing Room, RRMC, three weeks later.

Huntress and Blitz are standing in front of Master's balcony with the other Rovers seated behind them.  Master is on his balcony with Marauder and Prof. Hubert next to him on either side.

Master: Huntress, Blitz, now that you two are out of the hospital, I'd like to commend you for your courage during the mission three weeks ago.  Not only did you help stop Parvo and Havoc from taking over the world, but you also put yourselves in harm's way and took a bullet for your fellow Rovers.  You are truly dog's best friend.

The Rovers all applaud.  Colleen approaches Blitz and extends an arm.

Colleen: Blitz, I'd just like to apologize for how I treated you in the past.  I was hoping we could put our differences aside and be friends.

Blitz: I'm sorry, who are you?

Colleen is taken aback while the other Rovers and Master laugh.

Blitz (Laughing): Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

He shakes Colleen's hand, a weak and confused smile crossing her face.

Hunter: Hey Colleen, now you know how he felt.

Exile: I guess he really isn't a weird boy.  If he was, he would not have jumped in front of Comerade Colleen to save her.

DJ: Yeah.  Something like takes a lotta guts.

Master clears his throat and everyone turns to face him.

Master: For their courage above and beyond the call of duty, Huntress and Blitz will receive the Rover Hydrant of Honor.  This award is given to those Rovers who show exceptional valor in battle.  Huntress, Blitz, please step forward to receive your award.

Huntress and Blitz walk onto Master's balcony.  Marauder and Prof. Hubert step forward with an award in hand.  Marauder pins the award on Huntress's chest easily, but Prof. Hubert has a few problems trying to pin it on Blitz's chest.  As soon as he tries, Blitz yells out and grabs his chest over the heart, preventing Prof. Hubert from pinning on the award.

Blitz: Be careful!  It still hurts!

Prof. Hubert: Sorry.  Maybe you should put it on.

He hands Blitz the award and again takes his position next to Master.  Huntress and Blitz turn to the other Rovers, Blitz holding his award in front of him.  The Rovers once again applaud.

Master: Congratulations Blitz and Huntress.  You're good, good dogs.

Hunter: To the power of the pack!

Rovers: Arrrrroooooooooooo!