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All original Road Rovers, Space Rovers, Storm, and Master are (c) Warner Brothers
Prof. Hubert, Col. Zachery Storm, and Aliens are (c) Warner Brothers
Rally is (c) Me
DJ is (c) Jake Williams
Sierra is (c) Elista Adkins
Dylan is (c) Dylan Rinald
Huntress Retriever is (c) Greywolf Lupous
Marauder is (c) Jerimy Bass

"Brothers: Reunited At Last"

Story is (c) 12-4-00 by David Reynolds

SETTING: Jungle clearing somewhere in South America.

Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Exile, Shag, and Muzzle (Tied to his cart) were once again in a skirmish with one of Col. Zachery Storm's creations; the Terminator (How original...). This machine had five .50 caliber machine gun turrets and three missile launchers, not to mention the titanium armor plating.  It was being controlled by Storm via remote control.

Hunter (American accent; dodging shots from one of the turrets): It's too strong! We can't beat it!

Colleen (British accent): Well, aren't you the optimistic one?

Hunter: I try.

Colleen rolls her eyes.  Blitz ducks, barely avoiding getting hit by a missile.  It explodes just a few feet behind the Rovers.

Blitz (German accent): I say we run like cowards!

Hunter: Any other suggestions?

Colleen: Sounds like a plan to me.

Exile (Russian accent): For once I agree with Weird Boy.

Blitz: Stop calling me that.

Colleen: And who are you?

Blitz groans.  Just then the "Terminator" runs out of ammo and slowly deactivates.  The Rovers smile as Storm looks on in disbelief.  He then tries to run, but Hunter uses his super speed to get ahead of him.

Hunter: Going?  So soon?  But we haven't played Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey yet.

Storm pulls a gun on Hunter and Hunter slowly backs away.  Storm smiles evilly and prepares to fire.

Storm (American accent): This time, I get the last laugh. (Laughs maniacally)

Voice (From behind): Let's muzzle 'em!

Storm turns around in time to see Colleen releasing Muzzle from his restraints.  He whirls around and fires a shot from his loaded gun.  Muzzle drops to the ground, lifeless.  The Rovers gasp as a smirk crossed Storm's face.

Rovers: NOOOOO!!!

Now Hunter's eyes are filled with nothing but hate.  He grabs the gun from Storm and crushes it in his hand, then grabs him by the neck.

Hunter (To Rovers): Get Muzzle back to Mission Control, NOW!  I'll take care of Storm.

Colleen: But the Sky Rover is your only way back.  I won't leave you here.

Hunter (Angry): JUST GO!!!

Colleen is stunned for a moment, but then picks up Muzzle and tells the others to load onto the Sky Rover.  They get in and take off for RRMC, leaving Hunter alone in the jungle with Storm.

Hunter (Turning to Storm): You're really gonna pay this time Storm.

Storm swallows hard as Hunter grips his neck tighter.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Hall outside Infirmary, RRMC, four hours later.

Marauder is still looking Muzzle over as the other four Rovers wait out in the hall.  DJ, Dylan, Huntress, and Sierra walk up.

DJ (Slightly rural Californian accent): What's goin' on?  And where's Hunter?

Colleen (A tear forming in her eye): Storm shot Muzz and Huntie is still in the jungle dealing with him.

Sierra (American accent): What?!  He shot Muzzy?!

Dylan (American accent): And you left Hunter alone down there?!

Huntress (American accent): Are you NUTS?!

Blitz: Nein.  He wanted to be left alone to deal with Storm.  I personally think he should've just let me bite his tushie.

Exile: Don't be weird boy.

The door to the infirmary opens and the Rovers look in as Marauder and Prof. Hubert step out.

Colleen: Well, how is he.

Marauder (American accent): Well luckily the bullet just struck him in the shoulder, but the pain caused him to pass out.

They all let out a heavy sigh of relief.  Just then a door being closed is heard from the other side of the building.  They all wait until finally Hunter appears from around the corner.

Colleen (Running up to hug him): Huntie!!! What happened? How did you get back? Are you alright?

Hunter: *Chuckles a little* Yes, I'm alright.  I'll answer the other two later.  How's Muzzle doin'?

Marauder: Well the shot only hit his shoulder and missed any vital organs, but he'll have to remain here until he's back to 100% health.

Dylan: How long should that be?

Prof. Hubert (American accent): Oh, about a week or two.

Hunter: Well that's a relief.

Just then an alarm blares throughout the building as red lights flash.

Exile: Just as we were taking breakski.

Colleen: Well it'll have to wait.  Duty calls.

Hunter: Really?  I didn't know Duty had a phone.

All groan as Colleen, Blitz, Exile, and Shag head toward the Briefing Hall.

Hunter (Clueless, as usual): What?

He follows the others.  The ones that didn't follow just shake their heads.

DJ: I wonder if he'll ever get anything.

Sierra: Probably not.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Briefing Hall, RRMC.

The Master is on his balcony (Of course...) and the Rovers stand in front of him.

Master (American accent): Rovers, the Space Rovers have called on you for help.  It seems the aliens have gained stronger forces and are set to attack them at any moment.  You know your mission, now go.

Rovers: Yes, sir!

They head to a teleportation room (Like in "Star Trek") and are instantly transported aboard the ship.

Master: I may need reinforcements for this one, but I don't think DJ, Sierra, Dylan, and Huntress will be enough.  It's time to recruit another Rover.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: New York alley, East Side, at that moment.

A dog is looking in a trashcan for something to eat, but finds nothing.  As he backs out, we see that he is a black dog with his left ear flopping down.  We also see that he has a black tail with a brown tip.  His paws, with the exception of his left forepaw, are also brown.  Even in the poor light, we can see that he has green eyes and a brown stripe down the middle of his face.  Just then, a bright light shines on him from above. He is startled at first, but doesn't move.

Master (From above): Rally, you have been chosen.

Rally barks a reply and runs off.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Transdogmifier Room, RRMC, about ten minutes later.

The four remaining Rovers (DJ, Sierra, Dylan, and Huntress) are standing in front of Master, waiting.

DJ: So when's this new recruit supposed to get here anyway?

Master: Be patient, DJ.  He'll be here.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Galaxy Rover, Control Room, at that moment.

Persia: OK, you know your jobs.  Let's get them before they get us.

Hunter, Colleen, Exile, and Shag head toward the docking bay of the ship and get suited up and ready to board their ships (They're just one seaters and aren't equipped with any weapons).  Blitz climbs into a seat and is lifted up and out of the ship into a strong glass shield and gets ready to fire lasers and missiles at the alien ship just above them.

Persia: Now remember, Blitz.  Their armor is very strong, so try to hit them in the same spot repeatedly.

Blitz (Over headset): Got it, Persia.

Persia (To the other Rovers): Now remember, as soon as Blitz blasts a hole in the ship, you're to fly in and try to take control of the ship.  Good luck.

Exile: Dokey-Okey comrade Persia. Out and overski.

They fire up the engines, take off, and fly around waiting for an opening as Blitz begins his attack on the ship.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Transdogmifier Room, RRMC, at that moment.

The Rovers are still waiting.  Just then, a barking is heard from one of the corridors.

Huntress: 'Bout time he showed.

The dog runs in the room and up to Master's balcony.  The Master points his to the Transdogmifier and tells him to get in.  He does so, and after a few seconds of hissing and smoking, a figure stands there, surrounded by smoke.  As he steps out, we see that the figure looks somewhat familiar.  He stands there admiring his new look as the others look on in amazement, their mouths hanging open (Even Master's).

Sierra: Whoa!  He looks almost like…

DJ: Me!

Master: I have to admit, the similarities are unbelievable.

Dylan: Maybe it's your brother, Deej.

DJ: I told you my brother died when we were pups.

Just then, Rally looks up and sees DJ.  He walks over to him, looks him over, looks at his ID tag (His nametag, not his RR tag), and steps back with a look of disbelief on his face.

Rally (American accent): DJ?  Oh, my god!  I can't believe it!  So you finally got a name, huh?

He walks up and hugs DJ, who looks very puzzled.

DJ: Do I know you?

Rally takes a step back, smiling.

Rally: Of course!  I'm your brother, Rally!

DJ gets an angry look and hits Rally in the face, who looks at him questionably, holding the side of his face where DJ hit him.

DJ (Angry; almost whispering): Don't you dare say something like that again, or I will hurt you.

Rally (Confused): Don't you recognize me?  I know it's hard to believe, but it is me, I swear.

DJ balls up his fist and is about to strike Rally again when the Master interrupts.

Master: Wait, DJ.  His name is Rally, although I'm not sure if he's your brother or not.

DJ unballs his fist and puts his hand down, still looking quite angry at the remark that Rally made.

DJ: You got lucky this time.  We got a mission to do, but stay outta my way, unless you have a death wish.

DJ walks off toward the teleportation room.  Rally looks at him, shocked.

Rally: But...

He is cut off by Sierra, who puts her hand around his muzzle.

Sierra (Whispering in his ear): Just do what he says.  He's pretty upset right now.  I'll tell you about the mission on the way.

They head to the teleportation room, but Rally is still stunned.  He snaps out of his trance and follows the other four to the room, where they are teleported to the Galaxy Rover.

Master (To himself): I'd better do a background check on Rally, before he gets hurt.

He heads into his room of blinding white light and disappears from sight.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Galaxy Rover, a few seconds later.

The five Rovers walk into the control room and see Persia seated and shouting directions.  Above them, a loud explosion is heard as Blitz finally breaks through the alien ship's armor.

Blitz (Over headset): OK, I've blasted through.  Now what?

Persia (To Hunter and the other three, still oblivious to the Rovers that just walked in): OK, Blitz has done his part, now it's your turn.

Hunter (Over headset): Roger, we're goin' in.

Exile (Over headset): Would somebody PLEASE tell me who 'dis Roger is?!

Persia turns in her seat and now notices the others standing there.  She gets up to greet them, but stops in her tracks.  She stares at DJ and then at Rally.

Persia: Whoa!  Two DJ's?

DJ looks angrily at Rally and Rally sinks back, attempting to hide behind Dylan.  Huntress pulls him out from hiding.

Huntress: No, this is our new recruit.  Persia, meet Rally.

She shakes his hand, still amazed at the resemblance between the two.

Persia (To DJ): Is this your brother or something?

DJ: No, my brother is dead.  I don't know who this joker is.

Rally doesn't say a thing, but just stands there.  Persia looks him over and steps back.

Persia: Well you two look a little too similar for me.

Just then, Blitz lowers from his position at the guns.  As he walks over to ask Persia something, he stops, and nearly falls to the floor.  He rubs his eyes and looks at DJ and Rally, then puts a hand on the wall and leans against it as he rubs his eyes again with his other hand.

Blitz: Either I'm just seeing things or I need glasses.

Dylan: You're not seeing things and you don't need glasses.  This is Rally, out newest recruit.

Blitz: Not another one.  Don't we have enough already?

Sierra: Apparently the Master doesn't think so.

Persia (Impatient): I hate to interrupt, but we have more important matters right now.  You Rovers get down to the docking bay and prepare to help the others aboard the alien ship.

DJ: Right, let's go.

They head down to the docking bay, but Persia just can't shake the feeling that DJ's brother isn't really dead.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Docking Bay, Galaxy Rover, a few minutes later.

The six Rovers have finished getting suited up and are ready to board their ships.

DJ (To Rally): Maybe you should stay behind.  You don't want to get in my way.

Huntress (Defensive): Lay off, Deej.  Can't we at least get through this mission before you go on a rampage?

DJ grumbles, but says nothing.  They board their separate ships and take off in the direction of the hole Blitz made in the alien ship.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Hallway, inside the alien ship.

The four Rovers make their way through the dark halls of the ship.  Hunter stops and looks around in the dimly lit hall.

Exile: What is it, Comrade Hunter?

Hunter: I'm not sure, but I don't think it's a good thing.

Just then a steel ball rolls across the floor, stopping at the Rovers' feet.  It bursts open and gases pour out into the hallway.  The Rovers start to cough as the smoke reaches their noses.

Exile: It is a sleeping gas used in Cold War!

Hunter: Yet another unexpected twist.

Exile and Colleen: Bummer!

Hunter (Sleepily): Hey... that's... my... line.

They all collapse on the floor as four dark figures step out from the shadows and drag them away.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Room aboard alien ship.

The six Rovers had gotten out of their ships and were looking around.  The room was huge; about 500-600 square feet around and about 800-900 feet high.  The room was also empty except for the ten ships the Rovers had used.

Huntress: Talk about your extra closet space.

DJ: C'mon.  We gotta help out the others before it's too late.

They head out of the room and into a hallway, the same one that the other Rovers were captured in.  Suddenly a voice is heard over a PA system.

Voice: Attention.  I know that there are more Rovers aboard this ship.  Surrender or suffer the same fate as your friends.

Sierra: See, DJ.  If you hadn't wasted so much time criticizing Rally, we could've been here sooner.  Now it may be too late.

DJ: Get off my back!  I do whatever I feel like doin'!  Nobody controls me!

Sierra:  You wish!

They continue to argue.  Rally's left ear suddenly perks up, but no one notices because of the arguing that's going on.  Rally looks off to one end of the hall.

Rally: Shut up! Someone's coming.

The others listen, but hear nothing.

DJ: You liar! No one's coming.  I ought to hurt you just for tellin' me to...

Just then, lasers blast through the hall, just missing the Rovers as they duck and dive to one side of the hall behind a concrete wall.  Luckily the lasers are mounted on a machine too big to fit in the hall, so it just keeps firing straight down the hall, hoping one of the Rovers will jump out into the blast.

Sierra: You were saying, Deej?

DJ just looks at her angrily.  Suddenly, Rally jumps out into the hall and is met with an onslaught of lasers, which explode on impact.

Sierra and Huntress: NOOOOO!!!

DJ, Dylan, and Blitz just look on in horror.  Satisfied that Rally has been destroyed, the machines stop firing and continue on to the next hall.  Huntress stands there with her head down and a tear in her eye, ready to cry.  Sierra falls to her knees and cries.  The other three still can't believe what happened and just stand there with their mouths hanging open.  Dylan finally speaks.

Dylan: The fool.  He gave his life so that we could save the others.

Blitz: He is a better dog than I.  I would never have done that.

DJ (Thinking): I should've accepted him, but instead, my rejection drove him to suicide.

A tear forms in his eye as the dust finally clears.  They all look up and nearly faint at what they see.  Standing there, unharmed by the blasts, was Rally, with a small smile on his face.  He looks over at the others, who were completely blown away.

Rally: You guys look like you've just seen a ghost.

Sierra gets off the floor and runs over to hug him.

Huntress: But... they... you... how... huh?!?

Dylan: Yeah, what she said.

Sierra stops hugging him and takes a step back.

Sierra: How did you survive the blasts?  You should've been killed!

Rally smiles and answers her question.

Rally: It's my power.  I discovered it when DJ hit me.  I didn't reel back in pain, I was just shocked, but I guess I can't blame him.  It turns out I can create a type of force field around me that can protect me from serious impact, such as that from a laser gun.  Pretty cool, huh?

Dylan: I'll say.

Blitz: Me, too.

DJ walks up to Rally, who takes a step back.

DJ (Somewhat impressed): I have to admit, I thought you were a goner there for a minute, but that's a pretty awesome power you got there.  C'mon.  We still gotta get the others.

They run off down the hall.  Although he was impressed with Rally's power, DJ still hasn't fully accepted him.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Room aboard alien ship with four stools positioned in front of a one-way mirror.

The four Rovers were seated on the stools, still out cold, facing the one-way mirror.  They slowly start to wake up and realize what has happened.

Hunter: Well, I guess this is it.  I don't think we can get out of this one.

Shag whimpers, Exile sighs and hangs his head, and Colleen stands up.

Colleen: Oh, yeah?  Dale Earn-hardt!!!

She kicks the steel door, but reels back in pain, holding her foot.

Voice (Same voice from over PA system in the hall): There's no use trying to escape, Road Rovers.  There is no way out of here.  You are all going to perish, and your friends will soon join you in your fate.

Hunter: Friends?  What friends?

Voice: There are six, uh, I mean five more Rovers aboard this ship.  They think they can rescue you, but it will all be in vain.

Colleen: Wait.  Why'd you change your number from six to five?  What, can't you count?

Exile: I think he is from Florida.  (Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.)

The Rovers all laugh, but it is shortly cut off by the voice from behind the mirror.

Voice: Silence!  I changed my number because there was six, but one of my robots destroyed one.

Hunter: OK, I'm confused.  I thought besides us there was only five other Rovers.

Colleen: Unless a Space Rover came aboard.

Hunter: No, they never leave their ship no matter what.

Exile: Then who is mysterious sixth Roverski?

Hunter: I don't know, Exile.  I just don't know.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Hall aboard alien ship.

The six Rovers keep heading down the hall, looking around constantly to make sure they wouldn't get ambushed.  They turn down another hall and hear voices coming from one of the many rooms.  They head down the hall, stopping to listen at every door.  They finally come to the door of the room where the Rovers were being held and listen.

DJ (Whispering): This is the room, but how do we get in?

Rally steps up and puts both hands on the door.  He then closes his eyes and begins to concentrate.  DJ is about to say something, but before he can, the door starts to glow a bright white. The other Rovers step back as it starts glowing even brighter, electricity flying from Rally's hands.  Suddenly the giant door explodes, and all the Rovers, including Hunter and the others, look at him in shock.  Hunter, Colleen, Exile, and Shag don't know it's Rally yet.

Hunter: DJ?  Where'd you learn to do that?

They walk out of the room as DJ walks up and stands next to Rally, who is breathing heavily because he used so much energy.

Hunter: Uh... Do you guys see what I see?

Colleen: Well, if you see two DJs, I'd have to say yes.

Exile: Mother Russia!

DJ: Guys, I'd like you to meet Rally, our newest recruit.

Hunter, Colleen, and Exile: But, but, but... huh?!?

Sierra: No time to explain, we gotta get outta here.  NOW!!!

They run off towards their ships as alien troopers appear and start shooting at them.  Rally stands his ground, blocking most of the shots with his force field.  When the troopers run out of ammo, Rally runs to catch up to the others.  They all arrive in the room where the ships are at about the same time.  They board the ships as Hunter tosses a "few" (Yeah, right.  "Few hundred" is more like it.) explosives into the room as they take off.  Just as they are out of range of the bombs, the room explodes, starting a chain reaction that destroys almost half the ship.  It turns out the empty room was right next to some storage rooms filled with oil, fuel, and other combustibles.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Briefing Hall, RRMC.

The Rovers are all seated in front of the Master and had just finished explaining what had happened.

Master: Well congratulations, Rovers.  You've overcome yet another foe.  You're good, good dogs.

Hunter: Well, we'd be goners if it weren't for Rally here.

Master: Yes, so I've heard.  Congratulations, Rally, you are now an official Road Rover.

Rally: Thanks, but I've gotta take a walk.  I'll be back soon.

He walks off as the others watch him leave.

DJ: What was that all about?

Huntress: Maybe he still doesn't feel acceptance from you.

DJ: Well he comes in claiming he's my dead brother.  You think I'm going to accept him just like that?  No way.

Fade out...

Fade in...

SETTING: Briefing Hall, RRMC, four hours later.

The Rovers are still seated, waiting for Rally to return.  They hear footsteps in the hall and turn around.  Rally walks in with something behind his back and approaches the Rovers.  He stops next to DJ, but doesn't look at him.

Rally: DJ, don't you agree that only your true brother would know who your original owner is, where they live, and how to get something like a picture of you?

DJ growls softly, but stays seated.

DJ: Yes, I suppose that's true.

Rally then pulls the object from behind his back and slaps it on the table in front of DJ.  It's a picture of a woman, mid-twenties, hugging onto two identical canines that look a lot like DJ and Rally.  DJ studies the picture carefully.  Suddenly his eyes open wide, he stands up, and hugs Rally.

DJ: I can't believe it's you!

He releases the hug and smiles at Rally, who promptly returns it.  The other Rovers are clearly confused.

DJ: It's been so long.  This is just incredible!

He again hugs Rally, who hugs him back.

DJ: I've missed you, brother.

Rally: I've missed you, too, brother.

Now the Rovers are really confused.

Colleen: DJ, I thought you said your brother died.

The two release their hug.

DJ: That's what I thought, too.

Rally: Well, it's a long story.  But right now, all I want to do is get some sleep.  It's been a long day.

Master: DJ, show Rally to his room.  We all need some sleep tonight.

DJ: Follow me, Rally.

They head down the hall to the rooms.  DJ shows him into one and then heads to his own.

Master: Well, we've got a lot to learn about this guy.

Fade out...