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Master and the Rovers are © Warner Brothers
Rally, Diamond, Romeo, and Jon are © Me
DJ is © Jake Williams
Star is © Katherine Gore
The Strayers are © Steven Today
The Rovers Special Task Force members are © Dylan Rinald

"Diamond: The Origin Story"

Story is © 3-11-01 by David Reynolds

SETTING: House in Bakersfield, California.

A man and woman are standing over four canines in a basket.  They are three-week-old puppies that their owners decided they couldn't support.  Two are almost identical males, the only difference being a black saddle mark on DJ's back.  DJ is the oldest of a three-dog litter.  Rally is the other male and is the second oldest of the litter.  The other male is a solid brown shepherd mix named Romeo.  There is also a female that has white fur with black ears, a black left forepaw, and a white tail with a black tip.  Her name is Diamond, the youngest of the litter.  Another man and his eight-year-old son are looking at the puppies.

Father: Well, Jon.  Which one do you want?

Jon: I don't know, I like `em all.

Father: Well, we can only afford one, so you'll have to decide.

Jon: I know.

He kneels next to the basket and pets Diamond's head.  He looks up at his dad and smiles.

Jon: I want this one, Daddy.

The father looks at the owners and smiles slightly.

Father: Well, I guess we'll take that one.

Woman: Oh, that's Diamond.  She's a little hyper at times, but for the most part, she's a nice friend to have around.

The father pulls out his wallet and hands the man the money.  He picks up Diamond and he and his son walk out to their car.  They get in and drive off.

SETTING: Interstate 76, Southbound.

It's been five weeks now, and Diamond's new owner has taken a new job and has to move to Charleston, South Carolina.  Jon is sitting in the passenger seat with Diamond in his lap.  They continue down the road.

Jon: Why did we have to move?

Father: Well, I had to take a new job in Charleston so I'd be able to support all three of us.  Besides, it'll be a lot better for you to grow up away from the city.

Jon: I guess so…

They continue to drive, then pull off the interstate to get something to eat.  They leave Diamond in the car and bring her back some of their leftovers.  After she finishes, they pull off and continue on their way.

SETTING: House in Charleston, South Carolina, two days later.

Diamond and her new masters have already moved in and are sitting on the couch in the living room.  Diamond has already fallen asleep and Jon is on the verge of doing so himself.  

SETTING: Briefing Room, RRMC, the next morning.

Star and Master are hunched over a computer screen as information scrolls across the screen.  It is now 4:00 A.M., but they don't look even the least bit tired.  Star clicks on something and information on Rally, now a Road Rover, comes up on screen.  This shows all of his information, including family info.  Star and Master's eyes widen as they continue to look at the screen.

Star: I think we've found it, Master.

Master: Yes, Star.  I think we have.

SETTING: Diamond's house in Charleston, South Carolina.

Diamond is laying in the yard at 4:00 in the morning when a bright light shines on her.  She looks up, but sees nothing.  Then she hears the Master's voice.

Master: Diamond, you are needed.

She stays put for a few seconds, then runs off to a luge and is transported to RRMC.

SETTING: Transdogmifier Room, RRMC.

Diamond runs in the room and sees Star and Master standing in front of the transdogmifiers.  Master tells her to get in and she does.  After a few seconds, she emerges and gazes at her new appearance.

Master: Diamond, I have called you here for a special reason.

Star: We need you to surprise your brother, Rally.

Diamond: Rally's here?!

Star: Shhhh.  Everyone's asleep.

Diamond: Oh, sorry.

Star: Yes, your brother's here.  He's been a little depressed lately and we need you to surprise him when he wakes up.  Can you do that for us?

Diamond: Sure.  I can't wait to see him again.

Master: Well, you might wanna get a little sleep first.  He shouldn't be up for a while.

Star: You can use my room for tonight.

Diamond: Thank you, uh…

Star: Star.  And this is master.  I'll introduce you to the others when they wake up.

Master: But we'll have to wake them up before Rally gets up so they can all be in on this.

Star: Right.  C'mon, Diamond.  I'll show you to my room.

Diamond follows her to a room, climbs into bed, and falls asleep.

SETTING: Star's Quarters, RRMC, 10:00 A.M.

Star enters and wakes up Diamond.

Star: C'mon.  The shower is through there and you can use some of my clothes.  Now hurry up and get ready.  It's almost time for Rally to be wakin' up.

Star leaves the room and Diamond gets out of bed.  She walks to the bathroom, takes a shower, and gets dressed.  She puts on a pair of blue jeans and a green T-shirt.  She slips on the boots that came with her uniform and leaves the room.

SETTING: Transdogmifier Room, RRMC.

Diamond walks in to see all the Rovers, Strayers, and Rovers Special Task Force members standing in front of the transdogmifiers.

Star: Guys, this is Diamond, Rally's sister.  Diamond, these are all the Rovers, Strayers, and Rovers Special Task Force members.  I'll introduce you…

Star begins to introduce Diamond to everyone there.  After she's done, she tells Diamond to get behind the transdogmifiers.

Diamond: Why?

Star: I'm gonna go get Rally now, and I don't want him to see you right away.

Diamond agrees with her and hides behind the machines.  Star runs off down the hall to get Rally so she can give him a big surprise…


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