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Rapperswil de Chardeaux. (Pronounced "Rap-per-sveel · Day · Shar-doe") A.K.A.- "Rapper" or "Rap".

25 in dog years.

Bernese Mountain Dog.

Fur Colors:
Black, white, and brown.

Eye color:
Medium brown.

Distinguishing markings:
White "mask" around eyes.  Brown muzzle.  White fur running from just under the muzzle down his neck to his chest and stomach.  Brown patch of fur beside white stripe on neck, chest, and stomach.  Arms are black on top, go to brown just above the elbows, and white just above the wrists.  Tail is black with white tip.  Legs are black on top, go to brown just above the knees, and white just above the ankles.

Distinguishing features:
Both ears are limp.  Tail curves slightly upward near tip.

Canosapien height:
6' 2".

Canosapien weight:
197 lbs.

Normal canine height:
27 inches.

Normal canine weight:
89 lbs.

Bern, Switzerland.

Slightly German accent. (Not NEAR as thick as Blitz's, but not as American as Hunter's, either.) Knows fluent German and French as well as English.

Super powers:
Mind-reading and telekinesis abilities.

Road Rover rank:
Field operative; Computer whiz/technician.

Character traits:
Smart, strong, generous, friendly, protective, trusting, and generally mild tempered.

Personal history:
Not much is known about Rapperswil's past, since he likes to keep it a secret.  The only thing known about his past is that his master was a Nazi in WWII, though not by choice.  A while after the war, Rapperswil's master, along with Rapperswil's grandparents, moved to Bern, Switzerland from Germany. There, Rapperswil's parents, and later him and his brothers and sisters, were born.  One of his brothers was sold to a sled-dog team and two of his sisters were sold to a family in Geneva.  He was recruited in early 2001 and quickly became friends with most of the Rovers.  Not long after joining, he developed a crush on Diamond and was not afraid to admit it.  Diamond took to him very quickly.  Ever since joining, Rapperswil has been a loyal and trusted member of the pack.

Wears a Swastika symbol medallion on a gold neck-chain. (This is to honor his master, who was a Nazi in WWII.) Never wears the Road Rover uniform. (He is used to the cold weather of Bern, so he is almost always seen in shorts and a tank top or muscle shirt.  He will sometimes wear a T-shirt.)


Blitz's arrogance.  Mage, who killed his sister.

Can hack into any computer system.  Can repair and modify damaged electronics.

Weapon of choice:

Is the future husband of Diamond and father of Crystal.  Is very strong and very smart.  Still resides in Bern, Switzerland where he lives with most of his family and his master.  Unlike most of the other Rovers, Rapperswil is not at all religious.  Even so, Diamond loves him deeply, as does Crystal.  He has the potential to be a leader, but would rather remain a follower.