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Diamond de Chardeaux.

20 in dog years.

1/2 German Shepherd, 1/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Australian Shepherd

Fur Colors:
White and black.

Eye color:

Distinguishing markings:
Black left forepaw.  White tail with black tip.  Black ears.

Distinguishing features:
Both ears are erect.

Canosapien height:
Six feet.

Canosapien weight:
165 lbs.

Normal canine height:
25 inches to shoulder.

Normal canine weight:
79 lbs.

Charleston, South Carolina.

American, slightly southern accent.

Super powers:

Road Rover rank:
Field operative.

Character traits:
Smart, funny, generous.  She is still a little immature since her owner pampered her since she was just a puppy.

Personal history:
At the age of three weeks, her master decided that they couldn't support her and her brothers, so she was sold.  Her brothers weren't so lucky.  After a few weeks, she moved to Charleston with her new master and stayed there until she was called on by Master only two weeks after her brother Rally joined. (See "Unusual Circumstances Lead to a Strange Reunion - Part One".) Not much else is known about Diamond's pre-Rover history.

Is almost always joking around due to her "slight" immaturity.  Tends to hang around with either Rally or Rapperswil.  If those two are not around, she will tend to shy away from the others.

Spending time with her brothers, country music, and playing pool.

Heights. (A biggie with her.)

Is fairly strong, but doesn't know the full extent of her strength.

Weapon of choice:

Diamond is young and immature at heart, but is still a valued and beloved member of the Road Rover team.  She is close friends with most of the Rovers.  She is willing to risk her life for her brothers, but is still frightened at times.  She is also close friends with the nut of the pack, Muzzle. (Don't ask how THAT friendship came about.)