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Rally. (He is the long-lost twin brother of DJ.  Is also the brother of Diamond.)

20 in dog years.

1/2 German Shepherd; 1/4 border collie; 1/4 Australian Shepherd.

Fur Colors:
Brown and black.

Eye color:

Distinguishing markings:
Brown stripe running vertically down middle of face.  All paws (except left forepaw) are brown.  Black tail with brown tip.  No saddle mark on back like DJ.

Distinguishing features:
Limp left ear, erect right ear.

Canosapien height:
Six feet.

Canosapien weight:
153 lbs. (Less than DJ because he is a stray and could hardly ever find anything to eat on the streets of N.Y.C.)

Normal canine height:
25 inches to shoulder.

Normal canine weight:
68 lbs. (Less because of same reason stated above.)

Streets of N.Y.C. (He is a stray, after all.)


Super powers:
Energy blasts and mystic flames emitted from his hands, a force field that surrounds the outlines of his body, and enhanced hearing abilities.

Road Rover rank:
Assistant mechanic to DJ, field operative. (Sort of a last resort or first line of attack, depending on the situation.)

Character traits:
Unlike his brother, Rally is very much a loner, but he will not tolerate anyone threatening or hurting his brother and sister.  He is also very protective of the other Rovers, although he has beaten the crap out of Blitz for calling him and his brother a freak of nature. (See "Unusual Circumstances Lead to a Strange Reunion - Part One".)  He is not one to give up very easily and will fight anyone, including Blitz, to protect the ones he cares about.  Don't get on his bad side, 'cause you might not wake up feeling too good the next morning, if you wake up at all.  Although very aggressive at times, he will laugh and joke around with others to an extent, but again this is very rare.

Personal history:
At the age of five weeks old, Rally and his brother Romeo were sold to a man looking for dogs for his son.  After only three days, they discover that their new owner is a heavy drinker.  He forgot to feed the two dogs and Rally got a little impatient.  The owner tried keeping him quiet since it was almost midnight, but eventually had to hit him.  Thinking Rally is dead, the owner puts him in his car, drives off, and leaves him on the side of the road.  Romeo escaped the next day and started life on his own.  Rally was picked up that same day by a man who picked up strays off the streets.  Sounds like a nice guy, right?  Wrong.  He beats any of the dogs who make noise or get restless. (They were in cages, so why wouldn't they?) After seeing this for the first time - done to a Labrador - he decided to keep quiet and just accept his new life.  One night he got lucky.  The owner got drunk and accidentally left all the cages unlocked and all the dogs escaped.  After his escape, Rally started a long journey all the way to N.Y.C., where he stayed until he was called upon by the Master.  He became a full-fledged Rover after saving Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Huntress, Sierra, DJ, Dylan, Shag, and Exile from the aliens while on a mission to help the Space Rovers. (See "Brothers: Reunited At Last".)  Ever since then, he's been a loyal member and trusted friend to all, or at least most, of the Rovers.  He was reunited with his sister Diamond after DJ supposedly got blown up in one of Parvo's storage facilities in Southern California. (See "Unusual Circumstances Lead to a Strange Reunion" parts one and two.) DJ, however, survived the blast and was finally reunited with his brother and sister.  Romeo is still on his own somewhere in California.  Some day, maybe he too will be reunited with his family.

Never gives up and will fight anyone, no matter what the odds are.

Spending time with his brother and sister, fighting, rock music from 1955 to 1979, some country music, computers, working on cars, playing pool, and driving really fast.

Blitz, at times (Who doesn't?).  Being called a "mutt" or "freak of nature".  Parvo, Storm, Groomer, the Aliens, and anyone else he's had to fight with.  Anyone messing with his brother or sister.

Can run really fast, though not as fast as Hunter and Huntress.  Is very mechanically inclined and is a very helpful assistant to DJ.  Can fix almost anything with an engine.  Can hit a bulls-eye from 200 yards with a conventional pistol.

Weapon of choice:
None. (He doesn't need one.)

Rally is very tough and is not one to mess with. (Blitz learned this the hard way.) When pissed off, he finds a much deeper strength within him.  He has learned to control the amount of energy used in his blast, which just happens to be his favorite way to get rid of any unwanted guests. (Also good for knocking down walls when doing a little remodeling.) He is a stray from New York, which explains his strength and determination.  He learned the mechanical terms and parts from DJ while being his apprentice.  Rally is a valued member of the Road Rovers and is friends with them and most of the Rovers' allies.  If he uses his full potential in an energy blast, his eyes will turn from their normal green color to a bright red.  Rally has only one true fear: Lead pipes.  This is because of a traumatic experience he had when he was a puppy.