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Fan-fics by Gerhard Naudé

OK, my good buddy Gerhard has been kind enough to let me post his stories on my site.  I have only read about ten of them myself, but maybe one day I will find the time to read them all.  Anyway, scroll down and read these fan-fics.  From what I've seen, they're great, and they have a lot of detail to them.  Enjoy.

Metro Mayhem - OK, now this one is a little different.  It's sort of an interactive story/game.  Only 3 sections, but more are in development.  Entertaining and challenging!  Check this one out! (Requires WinZip to open the file and ADRIFT Runner V. 3.90 to run.)

The Iron Fist Series
The Iron Fist is the story about the Road Rovers and their allies confronting a group of wolf-sapien (The correct term is lupo-sapien, but who cares?) terrorists, the KH Military. The episodes take the Rovers on a ride as they fight the technologically advanced and militaristic KH Military all across the globe in an attempt to stop the terrorists from controlling the world through military means.

1. First Strike
2. Escape from Alcatraz
3. Unusual Alliance
4. From Friend to Foe
5. Sub Attack
6. Return to Ovitznia
7. Rumble in the Jungle
8. Soviet Connection
9. Ortega's Revenge
10. Secret of Atlantis
11. Orbital Onslaught
12. Business Unusual
13. Siege of London
14. Elexis' Loyalty
15. Born in the RSA
16. Colleen Colosso
17. Dark Origin
18. True Colours
19. A Rebel's Yell
20. The Iron Fist

Reich of Franco

Reich Of Franco looks at the past of Road Rover reality between the years 1979 and 1983 during the worst of the reign of the Supreme General, Franco. It also mainly tells how Striker came to what he is now, his involvement in stopping two attempts by the KH Military to destroy Earth and the birth of the Road Rovers in this most crucial 4 years of its history.

1. Dark Encounter
2. Into Training
3. River Raid
4. Alpine Adventure
5. Mission to Moscow
6. Nuclear Storm (Ground Zero)
7. Nuclear Storm (Bird of War)

8. Banished Migatua
9. Silence of the Lambda
10. The Chase
11. Final Pieces
12. Confrontation

Chaos Computer

An old enemy from Alexander Illanov's past has returned and is planning revenge. The Road Rovers go on various missions as they battle the robotic forces of the GONV to stop Matrix from destroying all life on Earth through conventional, chemical, biological or nuclear means.

1. Third Party
2. Rescue in Hawaii
3. Mortal Fate
4. Factory Fracas
5. Moscow Mayhem
6. Chernobyl Revisited
7. Melee In The Mountains
8. Frozen Assets

9. Convoy Chase
10. The Black Island
11. Too Close To Home
12. The Planet Buster

The Spider Cartel

A nuclear explosion, followed by a second Korean War, sets unit STRIKE on the trail of the world's most powerful illegal drug cartel, the Spider Cartel, and the mysterious Drug Lord who controls it. Through a series of events the Rovers will uncover an old enemy from the past who is hatching a terrible new plan with which to gain his goals of revenge and power.

1. Ground Zero in Paris
2. DMZ Defence
3. The Octo Cartel
4. Wild Wild East
5. Jungle Fires
6. Viva Las Vegas
7. Island Hop
8. A Sirius Problem

Other Writings

 Foxtrot Uniform (In development) - A Strayer script that tells of how General Wolfeye attempts to get revenge upon Nitro, Bear and other members of Nitro's family via a special plan called Foxtrot Uniform. As Wolfeye begins his plot for revenge Corporal Twilight, commander of the 3rd Omega Rifles squad, begins to question Wolfeye's vendetta, which soon explodes to engulf all who comes in contact with it, both good and evil.

 The Fantasy War (In development) - A non-Rover story, but it does contain cano- and felo-sapiens. On the distant world of Temlia two kingdoms live side by side, always at war with each other: The peaceful Kingdom of Furcenra, lead by the noble King Talzmir, and the evil, corrupt Empire of Lotaro, controlled by Emperor Tar'Ykor. In Furcenra a young canion (cano-sapien) warrior named Izuel dreams of becoming a paladin, the canion princess Mateith searches for love and the felion (felo-sapien) mage-in-training Bintoa hopes to become a powerful mage. In Lotaro Tar'Ykor begins his plans to gain ultimate power from another world.... EARTH. On Earth a young sergeant called Andrew Shephard begins his training as one of America's Spec Ops while a United Nations peace conference tries to avert mankind's greatest fear: World War III. Suddenly, through various events, the Kingdom of Furcenra, the Empire of Lotaro and the United Nations are engulfed in the largest war in the history of both Temlia and Earth.