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Thank you, thank you very much
This page was last updated on October 2, 2001.
This page is dedicated to thanking those people who have helped me out and stood behind me over the years.

   First off I'd like to thank my parents.  They have always supported me no matter what I did.  They did their best to support me, given the circumstances at the time.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  You've given me so much.

   I would like to thank my older sister Cheryl for teaching me about having fun.  And I also learned a new (R-rated) vocabulary thanks to her.  Cheryl, you're one-of-a-kind.

    Next I would like to thank my other older sister Laura.  She has always been there for me and also helped me set up this site.  Laura, even though we're about 19 years apart, it always felt as though we had a lot in common.  Thanks for everything.

    Next is my friend Alex.  She and I have so much in common, it's almost like we're family.  She is also one of the few people that actually understand me and how I operate.  Alex, you are a true friend.

    I'd also like to thank Jake "DJ" Williams, who helped me officially get started in the Road Rover fandom.  Thanks, man.

    A special thanks to Gerhard Naudé, who has been a good friend since I met him. (Not in person, just online.)  He has helped me out in more ways than one, so I felt that this was the least I could do to express my gratitude.  Also, a very special thanks to him for being there and being a good friend when I really needed it.  He knows what I'm talking about.  Thanks for everything, bud.

   Thanks to HOTROD for helping me find my key to relaxation -- drawing car concept designs.  Thanks man!

That's all for now...