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Oh, don't mind me.  I'm just the author.

So, you wanna know more about me, huh?  Well, alright.

Who the hell am I?
Well, my name is David "Rally" Reynolds and I am fairly new to the Road Rover fandom, but I am a huge fan nonetheless.  I have created nine characters in the seven months I have been in the fandom.  I guess I have a lot of free time on my hands, huh?  I live in South Carolina in a city that doesn't deserve to be mentioned.  Just trust me on this one.  I am 15 and will be a junior in high school on August 6th.  In my spare time I like to listen to music, write fan-fic stories (if I can get any ideas), surf the web, play racing games, and do a little bit of drawing.  I suck at most sports, though I have a little bit of talent in baseball.  My favorite out of the original Rovers is Hunter, though Exile comes in at a close second.  I mean, how could you not like Exile?  Shag and Muzzle are just strange, and Colleen and Blitz sort of get on my nerves with their constant bickering.  Also, Colleen's little "memory-lapse" gets old after the first thirty times.  I love the accents of the foreign Rovers, especially Exile's.  I guess it's because I have a little bit of history in those countries.  I am part British, part German, part Russian, part Spanish, part French, part Cherokee Indian, part Scottish, part Irish (And no, I don't drink), and a few others I'm not real sure of.  My choices of music include some of the oldies ('55 through '79) and most of the country songs.

My home life:

Well, I don't think I should really get into this.  Let's just say that my life at home is a LIVING HELL 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. (366 on leap years.) Hopefully it will get worked out soon. *Hope, hope.  Pray, pray.*

My school life:

At school, I'm just your average teenager.  Yeah, right.  Like you really believe that.  I do not make A-B averages.  Mostly Cs.  I am not the most popular person in the school, but it's not like I don't have friends.  16 friends isn't a big amount, but it's better than nothin'.  My favorite class is Automotive Body Collision Repair Technology -- Auto Body for short.  My least favorite class is, well, almost everything else.  Biology was too easy, I fall asleep in Math because it's so boring, History is another big snore, and English is the dumbest class ever invented.  I am not taking a foreign language class yet, but I will be taking German next year. (Don't look at me like that.)

Plans for the future:

This may seem a bit strange, but even after the tragic death of Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr. - who was the one person in this world I actually looked up to - I still want to become a professional race car driver.  I have always been obsessed with cars and speed, so it's only natural that I pursue this dream.  But no matter what I do in the future, I will always be involved in the Road Rover fandom in some way.

My personal information:

Name: David Reynolds

Age: 15

Date of Birth: 8/20/85

Birthplace: Charleston, SC

Current Residence: A crappy city somewhere in SC

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 163 lbs.

Fav. Shows: "Road Rovers" (Duh, why else would I make this page?) and the British version of "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?"

Fav. Movie: "The Fast and the Furious"

Fav. Color: Black

Fav. Cars: '97 Ford T-bird, '97 Lotus Esprit V-8, and '94 McLaren F1

Fav. Songs: "There's No Way", "Face To Face", and "Give Me One More Shot" by Alabama

Fav. Band: Alabama

Fav. Sport: NASCAR (And don't give me any of that bull-s*** that NASCAR ain't a real sport!)

Likes: Driving (Yeah, 15 and driving.  Yay!), biking, hanging out with friends, playing neighborhood sports (Ex. - Baseball, basketball, bike racing...), playing pool, playing Poker, listening to music, writing fan-fics, playing driving simulators, and watching comedy TV shows/movies.

Dislikes: Being called "Dave" or "Davie" (Hell, I don't even like being called "David".), most of my nieces and nephews, horror movies/shows because they never scare me, and a lot of other crap I don't wanna mention right now.

Personality: First of all, let me say that I'm 100% crazy.  That's the truth and I'm proud of it.  I have a fairly good sense of humor, but I will only laugh if it's really funny, and that's not too often.  I also have a very short fuse and get mad very easily, so don't be raggin' on me or dissin' me, OK?  Other than that, I'm a pretty OK person to be around.  Also, there's a side of me that not too many people ever see.  I can be very sensitive at times, but this is a rare occurrence.