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Fan-fics by Phillip King

These stories were done by a guy I only recently met and talked to via e-mail.  He seems like a real cool guy, and though I've only read part of one story (didn't have time to finish it because of school work), they definately sound like good reads.

Semper Fi: This story is a story 2 new chars. Janne and Janae' (if the real Janae' sees this somehow I'm using just your name). Anywho(that word drives people nuts) 2 intruders are coming to invade earth. Who they are may not shock you but as heck will shock Janne and Janae'. If you like Dragon Ball Z you may want to read this.

Per Mare, Per Taran: A new evil is arising by sea, by land can someone stop it. Uh yeah or I'd have to quit writing.